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Sign and Sight–Prophetic poem


Sign, sight of love
Open house, miracles and love
It’s God in thee to see
Holy, holy, Father’s hand

Given by Papa God, June 29, 2011

Love’s Mission Revealed


Send, send, love mission
Love, God’s light
Love hears Heaven’s God
Love, you be in love

Light is, light angels
God’s love is now
Light and love is now
It’s light, it’s God visit

Light and God you are
It’s love you be for these
Love, love hears these
It’s love you be

This love, this God is love
Love, love, God’s love
Open house, love answers
Seven, door open

The love, the love is love
God, you be a blessing
Soaking mission: God’s love
Light, God, light be!

This is a way, this is the love
Love God and these
So abide and so enter
The love, the blessing you be

Love is love in thee
It’s time to see
It’s light to see
Love is God’s this

Seek, seek the love of God
It’s God, new love
God and these nations
It’s light, it’s God’s light

God’s angels release in the nation
Secret and secret this is
Light and God in thee
It’s light these days to see

God and love today
Love is now this day
Love is love visit
Love is the love of nation

Soak, release and bless
Soak and love this now
Enter the secret of love
It’s love, God’s God

Given by Papa God, June 29, 2011

Secret Candles–A prophetic poem


Secret candles
The love, the secret is love
The love of Heaven in your marriage
The father is in your house

Say, say, God love
Love and love and love
Love is the love of nation
Design love words
And love the nation

Mission, connecting light
You love and live in light
The love, the father’s light
The love, the father’s love you see
Live in light – love light

The love of God loves light
This is light, you are a blessed light
You live in light’s burn
You live in the love of God’s light
The love is God and God is love

Given by Papa God, June 24, 2011

A Light in Thee–Prophetic poetry


Shun, shun
God’s turning a nation
The leader, the love, the Heaven
The love of Heaven now is

The light of God, the light is God
Light’s mission, God’s candle
Shiny love, God’s light in nation
Love God, live kind

It’s light, it’s God in you
The love is now to be
The love to be, to see
Love is God in thee

Yet God’s love is you in him
It’s love in thee for these
The light of God, you be a be
The light of God you see to be

Tears, love, healing love
It’s love healing a nation
Yet it’s love, Ghost love
It’s love, it’s love you are

Light, God, light in thee
You be a love visitation
Let it in today
It’s love, it’s light in thee

Given by Papa God, June 24, 2011

A Thought on grace

Papa God loves to grant to us loaves of grace with each day we walk with him. His bakery never runs out , even in changing economic times. he will feed our spirits with as much enablement as we need, for portions to share for others.

Missioning Mission–Prophetic poetry


Signs, love, God
God, upper love
God is love in thee

Love is the love of nation
Here and now today
It’s love, it’s now, it’s news
It’s light, it’s love, it’s God

The love of the nation
The Father’s love of these
The love of nations be
Oh love to be, to see

Given by Papa God, June 23, 2011

You, he, and these–A Prophetic poem


Sod, sod, love commission
Loved, loved, sod, loved
The fathers light nation
Visit, visit, secret love

Angel, light and love
Angels, love and love
Visit, visit, the father’s love
You’re a son, you’re a son of God

Loved and loved of God
Dad, dad loves the nation
Visit, change and love
The father loves dancing

God is love; God’s loved you are
Angels abide in love
Love is God’s light in thee
God loves days of light

Mutter no – go love
Releasing and loving nation
God loves your house to be
Loved and love house

God mission, burn with love
Veneer, veneers, no: love now
God is loving a nice love
Holy love healing you

This love is God
Leader release, burn in love
Here now, God’s love
Stay, love, stay

You be you see
The love of light
Send and love the marriage
It’s God in thee to live, to be

This light is God you see
God is love, God’s release
You be the father’s light to these
God in you, God in thee

Given by Papa God, June 23, 2011

Papa’s advice–Prophetic poetry


Son, son, God’s love
The love, the father, you are
You be, you see and love
Release and love and love

Wrestle, love, you bless
Abide, love, you be
You so love and love for these
You be, you live in love

You love, you be love
Honor love, love and do
You blend with love and bless them
You love, you blend with love

You love, you love, you love
Soaking is love in you
In thee, in thee you be
You be loved and blend in love

The love, the gate of Heaven
You wrestle, but love the nation
Love the nation, love the door of love
Enter the door and bless the nation

Given by Papa God, June 22, 2011

It’s a visit–Prophetic poetry


The love of love
Love, visit, God
The father is in the house
Burning, living visit

Visit, visit, shaking nation
A visit of visitation
A visitation you’re seeing
You’re seeing, you’re seeing, love in thee

Soaking, abiding and love
The love, the love who loves
Wonders, signs, in love and thee
Enter the love of Heaven

Your rod, your father, your love
You’re loved, you’re blessed of love
Seer love, love hears
Visit, go and do, rise

Love and love for these
Wonders and secrets in these
Secrets, love words, miracles in these
The Father, the blessing you be

Your burn, your burn, love is in thee
Burn and love, visit you see
Men, many things connect these
The father, the love of love

Your rod, your father’s love
God in thee, you see
Your rod, your God you see
Mission, shake up of leaders

Visits, secrets, love words
Open house, love in these
Secrets of love, you see
Send, send, love word, send

Given by Papa God, June 22, 2011

A Thought…

As a child of God, one part of our inheritance is the blessing of all the families of the earth . People different from you will more and more be attracted to you, and they know not what it is. It is Christ in you-Abraham’s seed. Let’s make sure we allow our God to challenge different prejudices that are not of him and burn them out of our souls.