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A Thought on Greatness

Great people are more complicated than what we see or read on the surface. They have their wrinkles, irregularities and flaws. Their lives are not marble smooth. But great people’s lives are highlighted by a God given ability to press through the flaws and the times to create legacies

A Thought

The principle of the seed is not for the impatient or for those inclined to laziness. There is a burial, death, resurrection and prunning. Sometimes it seems the cycle is repeated and the dream unfulfilled. But the fruit of the seed is that of harvest , multiplication, abundant living and legacy

A Thought…

The successive ages of time were framed by Papa God’s word. We often get so discouraged by the seen , we fail to notice his invitation to see the unseen and frame our destiny from that

A Thought..

A sponge slopped with water and soap can clean a wide range of things. A human spirit slopped with God’s Spirit can change the wide landscape of a culture

A Thought

Think of God’s love in terms of a mighty rushing river which beckons one and all to leave the shores of dry living and soak ourselves into the depths of abundant living.

Born again Aliens–A Thought

If we are truly born again, then we are born of God from above. And if we are born of the living god, then we are not of this world. So then, our presence in this world means we can’t fit into its’ mold as we are seen as aliens. Yet our tasks as aliens in this world is that we are to usher into its’ systems previews of the age to come, with increasing invasions of the Heavenly into the earthly

A Thought

One of the worst things that can happen to a man, or a nation, is the prideful belief that ‘it can’t happen here, or to me’