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David Wilkerson–A Thought

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of a Christian Lion, David Wilkerson due to an automobile accident in Texas last night. What a man David Wilkerson was. He loved God, people and holiness. He went into the inner city of New York to reach out to the gangs, addicts and others caught in the web in hopelessness inner city life can bring. Fellow Christians tried to disuade him from reaching “those people”, but Wilkerson felt the call of God to go and he did. Among the fruits won to Christ due to David Wilkerson’s obedience was an angry and violent gang leader named Nicky Cruz, who today stands in his own right as a passionate lover of Christ and a fisher of Souls

Wilkerson was not altogether liked. Some attacked his prophetic messages as those of doom and gloom and others within Christendom mocked him. This did not stop him from pressing into the high calling. His messages from the Time Square Church in New York City were bold, loving, and calling a nation to repentence, while remembering the poor.

There will not be another David Wilkerson, yet we can learn from his example of faith, obedience and holiness to God. It also signifies the continual exit of a generation of Christian generals who plowed much ground to prepare for a world wide awakening at our doorstep

God bless the memory of this giant of the Faith, David Wilkerson. Let us remember his family The great Times Square Church , and the World Challenge ministry .

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