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Love Mission–Prophetic poetry


Set, set
You bless, you set, be
Vision, hand you see
Passion, light, God’s love

Heal and do with love
Send, burn, mission love
Witches I’ll turn; vision
Gate, love vision

See right, be right
Release and love mission
Secret, release mission love
Witches, witches; shut I do

Witches shut! Shut this!
Witches shut! Now you see
Words, words, shut this
Witch shut! Love yes

Mutter light; love light
Ready, blend and love
Send, send, God’s light
Will love, God’s light

Wrestle God’s light
Matches, matches, love generate
The love, the God of light
Mission, God’s light

You be, see
Mission, God’s mission
Release and burn, mission
God’s mission you are

The ages, the ages of light
Ready, blend and bless
Correcting, releasing abundance
Stay, abide, stay, blend

Release and blend; direction
Mission, mission, blessing Heaven
God’s Heaven, blessing mission
Words, love, blessing
You be, you are light…

Given by Papa God, April 21, 2011


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