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Love Work–Prophetic poetry


Release here, there
Prophesy this word
This word…this word is love
Sow love and light

Say love, light and light
See light and blend in light
See light, love and love
Release and blend with light

Mutter much love
Mutter father’s love
Mutter love vision
See mission of Heaven’s light

Men, go love
Mutter, burn, love
Release holy light, shut now
Release much love

The word, the mission
So love the house
Witches: shut the words!
Embers of hope is love

So burn, so love
Mission: so love
Mission, see love
Embers and love, love

Releasing upper love
Embers of healing power
Embers of healing light
Witches shut now!

Say love, say light, shut in
Gate open, release, fathers, release Heaven
Descend, descend in light
God’s abundant love

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2011


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