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Archive for April 5, 2011

A Thought

Legalism has fear at its root. It happens when those who trust Papa for their being born again into his kingdom wrestle with him as to whether he is able to continue the very work he started. With this fear comes man made rules which we hope will keep us and our fellowships anchored in God. But God is a jealous loving king, who in these last days will bust up every box men will create as this new awakening emerges. Holiness is begun by the Holy Spirit and it is he who will continue the work in his children to the day of Jesus’ return.

A Thought

Rejection can be a bait the wicked one uses to trap his prey and keep that prey from fulfilling God’s mandate for his life . It can come through different means and people, including lovers of God. Rejection’s power can be hindered when we enter the timeless truth that no one loves us quite like Papa God does. Men were created by God to be the main recipients of his love. As we embrace that love on a continual basis, rejection loses it’s power to bait us.