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A Prayer

May Papa God so influence his Army the church with such a love his generals no longer fight one another; and that his troops give themselves for each other.

David Wilkerson–A Thought

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of a Christian Lion, David Wilkerson due to an automobile accident in Texas last night. What a man David Wilkerson was. He loved God, people and holiness. He went into the inner city of New York to reach out to the gangs, addicts and others caught in the web in hopelessness inner city life can bring. Fellow Christians tried to disuade him from reaching “those people”, but Wilkerson felt the call of God to go and he did. Among the fruits won to Christ due to David Wilkerson’s obedience was an angry and violent gang leader named Nicky Cruz, who today stands in his own right as a passionate lover of Christ and a fisher of Souls

Wilkerson was not altogether liked. Some attacked his prophetic messages as those of doom and gloom and others within Christendom mocked him. This did not stop him from pressing into the high calling. His messages from the Time Square Church in New York City were bold, loving, and calling a nation to repentence, while remembering the poor.

There will not be another David Wilkerson, yet we can learn from his example of faith, obedience and holiness to God. It also signifies the continual exit of a generation of Christian generals who plowed much ground to prepare for a world wide awakening at our doorstep

God bless the memory of this giant of the Faith, David Wilkerson. Let us remember his family The great Times Square Church , and the World Challenge ministry .

A Thought

The ‘Dumbing Down’ of any civilization begins when a nation falls asleep in the nap of self sufficiency induced by pills of fleshly wisdom. When it awakes, it finds itself either behind the rest of the world or a relic of what was.

A Thought…

Christianity does not steal one’s masculinity as some men fear;Rather it enchances masculinity to the nth degree.

A Thought..

We are approaching a generational release which will usher in a people who truly know how to abide in God and his purposes.Papa is seeking those who in acts of worship and prayer labor with him in the release of this group as well as Fathers sensitive to the purposes of this generation arising

Love Mission–Prophetic poetry


Set, set
You bless, you set, be
Vision, hand you see
Passion, light, God’s love

Heal and do with love
Send, burn, mission love
Witches I’ll turn; vision
Gate, love vision

See right, be right
Release and love mission
Secret, release mission love
Witches, witches; shut I do

Witches shut! Shut this!
Witches shut! Now you see
Words, words, shut this
Witch shut! Love yes

Mutter light; love light
Ready, blend and love
Send, send, God’s light
Will love, God’s light

Wrestle God’s light
Matches, matches, love generate
The love, the God of light
Mission, God’s light

You be, see
Mission, God’s mission
Release and burn, mission
God’s mission you are

The ages, the ages of light
Ready, blend and bless
Correcting, releasing abundance
Stay, abide, stay, blend

Release and blend; direction
Mission, mission, blessing Heaven
God’s Heaven, blessing mission
Words, love, blessing
You be, you are light…

Given by Papa God, April 21, 2011

A Thought..

The Oil of the Holy Spirit brings flexibility into the hearts and lives of those who submit to his dealings.

A Thought

When we live a life of excuses we are unwittingly telling God that he is powerless to give us a life of purpose

Link to the Elijah list.

The Elijah List

One of My favorite sites on the internet, The Elijah List is filled with challenging articles from prophetic leadership worldwide.

Love Work–Prophetic poetry


Release here, there
Prophesy this word
This word…this word is love
Sow love and light

Say love, light and light
See light and blend in light
See light, love and love
Release and blend with light

Mutter much love
Mutter father’s love
Mutter love vision
See mission of Heaven’s light

Men, go love
Mutter, burn, love
Release holy light, shut now
Release much love

The word, the mission
So love the house
Witches: shut the words!
Embers of hope is love

So burn, so love
Mission: so love
Mission, see love
Embers and love, love

Releasing upper love
Embers of healing power
Embers of healing light
Witches shut now!

Say love, say light, shut in
Gate open, release, fathers, release Heaven
Descend, descend in light
God’s abundant love

Given by Papa God, April 16, 2011