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Be The Light! Prophetic poetry


Embers light and love
Words and love are God
Rain, love, love, light
Releasing light, love, love

Embers: love’s light
Say love, love’s light
Say love, light see
Rain love, light see

God is love and God’s light you see
Release and burn with light
Embers, light, love
Words, love, light

God’s light, forget, shut in
Release the father and love the nation
Ready, blend and be the love
Release and bless, you are

Embers, love, light
God’s light you are
Release and blend with love
God’s light; be light

The Father; oh God’s light
You are light in light
Releasing abundant light
Say, love’s light!

God’s light be
God’s love you be
Words and blessing; open light
God’s love, forget and love

Relent and love
Oh love your marriage see
Embers, love abundant
The Father opens love

Your burn, your burn, your burn
Oh blending love and light
Stay open, light be
Rain be love’s light

The love, the blessing you be
Recite reciting, releasing
You be love, you see light
God’s light you be

You be the father’s light
You say the father’s love
Light, burn, light
Gate open; burn love

Stay open, love and light be
Stay open, love and be
Say light, be love
Say light, love see

Given by Papa God, March 15, 2011

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