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Words of Love–My First Book

My first book, Words of Love, is a a volume of prophetic poetry from the heart of God. It expresses a nature of a God who is never distant from any of us and who sings over mankind with love. It is not available for reading with the hope that it blesses many . For a preview of Words of Love and to order it go to You can also find it on Barnes and by the ISBN #97806154358856

A Thought

Sometimes, while the easiest option in a certain situation is to run from it, it may not be God’s option. Whatever that hard place is that you’re in know that God has not left the building on you. He is with you as a covenant friend facing it with you.

A Thought.

The greatest man who ever lived was, and is also the most misunderstood. Any one who desires to follow him will experience seasons of misunderstanding by others. We safely navigate these seasons being rooted in Papa’s love, while walking in kingdom grace and style towards all.

A Thought…

sometimes the best witness is found in a listening ear influenced by bowels of Compassion

A Thought

Our acts of obedience are celebrations of victory

A Thought

Considering the person, and the situation, forgiveness can either be a quick sprint or a marathon to the finish lines of release and wholeness. It is, nevertheless, a path which he must undertake

A Thought..

The troubles you face are not peculiar to you, as satan would want you to believe. They are faced by others throughout the world as well. As you pray for and help those in their trial it can be a seed which Papa uses to deliver you in your trouble