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“Being Put in your place”–A Thought

As David enquired about the reward for killing Goliath, his oldest brother, Eliab sought to remind him that his ‘place’ was tending sheep and not fighting Giants. To David’s credit he pressed through the opinions of kin and king to become a national hero . What was ironic about Eliab was that while he sought to keep his brother David in check, he himself lacked the faith and courage to challenge the Giant Philistine himself. It is interesting that within the dynamic of families and nations, one person seeks to dictate to another what their place ‘should be’. This goes on between races, genders, and generations. Young people bully one another into types of pecking order when it comes to beauty, smarts or economics.

When we seek to put others ‘in their place’ we cheat God out of the glory he desires to show through others. We also keep ourselves from the abundant life God created us for as well. Could it be that in our fears of being more than what we imagine, we seek to keep others down as well? Putting others ‘in their place’ is a work of idolatry, which is time consuming, soul consuming and generational consuming. It causes the person or tribe seeking to do it on another to be a buffoon in the eyes of the world. We hear little else of Eilab in Scripture.

There is, in Christ, a place in his family and in his building, the church. One needs not be from a particular group to qualify, but to become born again and seek a lavish heavenly father who will show us that we can fit and thrive. As we see ourselves enter in by progression into his purposes for our lives, we end up encouraging others by our courage. And that courage will challenge subsequent generations to seek that place The Heavenly Father has called them to as well.

Your place in God is brilliant, glorious, and needed in a world seeking answers. While you may not feel anyone is cheering you on, you have more fans than you know, starting with the eternal one of creation who made you for his purposes. Don’t allow others to dictate what ‘your place’ should be. Neither must you fall into the pit of self pity due to the lack of affirmation others should have given but don’t. Press through knowing that the oil of God’s blessing is upon you, paid for by the blood of Christ, and no giant can withstand you

Scripture Reference 1Samuel 17:28-50


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