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A Thought—Words and a community (Proverbs 18:21)

A Thought—Words and a community (Proverbs 18:21)

When one considers what destroys any community from the inside out, we often talk about poverty, violence, or absentee parenting. Yet there is something else just as powerful, if not more deadly which keeps a group from the abundant living God so desires for them and that is the power of evil words. Every community, I believe has a collective sound which can be heard from it’s beauty parlors, barbershops, homes and even it’s pulpits. It is what they say about one another which can determine their future more than the politics in a nation’s capitol. As a people , we can kill the future of our children, spouses and ourselves with the poisonous words spoken which declare failure, lack, illegitimacy and even death. What we and every other community must wake up to is that repentance over words spoken must take place followed by a new sound— the word of life, faith and blessing which has its’ origins from the Holy Scriptures.


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