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What do you Think about God?

Matthew 16: 13-20

What do you think about God? Your answer to that question will influence, not only how you relate to him, but to your spouse, children, and neighbors. We actually flesh out our theology every day based on our beliefs regarding Papa. Do they match up with the truth of his word, his spirit and our personal time with him; or are they based on superstitions handed down by unwitting victims of the philosophies of men? Simon Peter, for all his flaws paid close attention to the Son of God as he taught the Gospel of the Kingdom, healed the sick, and spread compassion to the lost sheep of Israel. As he thought on this rabbi he left a fishing business for, he was given the revelation by the Spirit of God that this is the Christ, Papa’s only begotten son.

God so desires to introduce himself to the world through the Good news of his kingdom; yet I sense that he wants to re introduce himself to those of his who love him, but have been bogged down in religiosity and dry theology. The spirit of religion deludes multitudes into believing that while God exists, he is distant from the cares of those who name him as sovereign. His heart is one of a longing father who burns passionately for his kids and it beats for them to make time with him. Only as we obey the wooing will he make himself known; and as we become acquainted with him, the results will spring out in revival for ourselves, renewal in our homes, and an awakening in our culture. You need not be perfect. Look at Peter, David, Moses and other flawed heroes of Scripture and history. All Papa God desires are your transparency and need for him. He will make himself known in a fresh way.


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