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A Thought..

Having finished a 21 day fast yesterday, I am grateful for the blessing of breakfast, as well as living in a nation where food is available. In other lands, there is no such thing for too many, as breakfast, lunch, or brunch. And dinner is scarce

A Thought

The irony of a seed is that while it’s slow in growth at tiems, it’s has the power of multiplication and legacy. We must not dig up the seeds of destiny which Papa God has given us out of frustration over’ delay’. They must be protected with trust and watered with worship.

“The Deep”–A Thought.

The Deep is that place where God invites us to be. It goes beyond the shallow waters of life as usual and brings us into abundant living. From the deep, we find from God how to be fishers of men– Luke 5:1-11.
God’s call for us to go into the deep represents an end, but it also represents a beginning. In the transition we see ourselves, and we see a gracious papa who loves us in spite of ourselves. The call to the deep in this season is a heavenly rending of our lives as we have known it , a leaving of earthbound thinking and the beginning of true purpose for the church.

A Thought..

The beauty which God gives is so expansive there is not one race that can contain it all. So in his sovereignty, Papa Spreads it from the one man Adam to every race and nation. He is the source of true diversity.Acts 17:26

Rend Time–A prophetic poem


There is a time
There is a day
There’s a time
There’s a day

Nigh, nigh, grace gate
Rend and love and love
Dollar, dollar; rend and love
The gate, the father, the gate

Wrestle, go love
Rend and go and be
Cancel, love and be
Purse, purse, God shakes

God shut, God shake
Rain and light, rain love
Wrestle, love and love
Rend and be the gate

God is sowing and God is shaking
And God is changing
Rend and love and go see
Rending; gate rend

Gate open, so go
Correct and do the love
Wrestle and go and blend
Rend, be the burn

Wrestle, go and get; go
Turn, burn, be love
Rend and be the father
God and love and thee

God is sowing, God is seeing
End and deep grace
Oh grace, and burn and love
Rend is now…God’s light

Given by Papa God, January 27, 2011

A Thought

What we must tell our neighbors is that the God they see as distant has given them more power than they know, beginning with the one to choose his path. The path of victimhood must be broken by tears of intercession, and introducing nations to the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Power of the Holy Spirit.

2 Prophetic poems


Ready, ready? Much, much
It’s love, it’s God
See gates of Heaven
It’s love, it’s God; love this now

Rend, rend, it’s time today
Ages release the ages of grace
Light and light and love
Wrestle and burn with love

Rending, great angels rend
Watch love, watch here, watch this
Wrestle, burn and light be
Ready, grow be, light see

Given by Papa God, January 26, 2011


Love is a colossal release
Wrestle, wrestle, la, la, God
Wrestle and love and light
Aid and love and grow love

Rush, go, love, gird
Enter the father and love the nation
Age, ages, angels, angel
It’s grace, it’s love, it’s love

Much love, release and go
Inches of love, inches of God
It’s light, it’s love, it’s great angels
It is light

Given by Papa God, January 26, 2011

A Thought…

The things which men say, “So What?” about weigh heavily on the heart of God. One of the signs pointing towards the return of the Lord is that Mens’ hearts will grow cold towards others. We see indications of this behavior in how people react to the misfortunes of their neighbor, sometimes highlighting their plights on cyberspace sights such as You Tube.

Yet in this climate of Cold love, Papa God desires to set men aflame, with the love they receive from him. It is as we recieve his heartfelt passion for us as individuals that then we produce compassion for others. In the last days lovers of God will not be callous spectators to the world’s plight while they wait for the Lord’s return, but rather fire carriers of his compassion to hurting nations and individuals.

A thought–unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is a blinding veil the enemy of our souls places over our eyes. When it’s influence is in operation we fail to see what we do to ourselves, our families and others The next generation needs to see from us the ability to take off the veil of unforgiveness, release others and see the power of the blessing come in full measure upon the land

A Thought..

Blame is a thief of creativity and time. One can be so stuck in blame he does not either see or use the gifts a generous God gave him