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Some prophetic observations–

Some prophetic observations, Invasion of the American gate (Genesis 32:24-28)

We are now into a season where nations are witnessing the miraculous realm of God in extreme measures. America will not to be left out of this display of kingdom extravagance, as God is no respecter of persons. Heaven is positioning itself to not only grant revival to the United States, but make it a place of habitation influencing every aspect of its culture. What Papa God is looking for is faith among those who call upon him as his children in America (Mark9:23).

As Americans, We are in a season of questioning our place not only in the global village, but within the American village, as well. In it’s search for value and relevance it has lost it’s path, seeking to either find change or return to ‘good old days’. There are spiritual entities foul and ancient in nature which seek to sell this nation into a dark spiral of irreverence and irrelevance What the United States, as well as other nations of the world are discovering is that purpose and intent cannot come from well meaning leaders or political groups but from Heaven itself. As Jacob wrestled with God at Peniel, America is wrestling for it’s future with the heavenly father at this present hour. The result of this collision of wills can either be chaos or an awakening, and Papa God’s choice is the blessing of awakening. America will be invaded at its gates by the realms of Heaven for the purpose, of awakening, repentance and the refitting of function. Papa God means for America to be a burning light not of ‘Americanism’,but modeling and sending the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. This national outpouring will be highlighted by, though not limited to these signs

Prayer and fasting for the nation
The Call for a return of the church to it’s first love
A new Christian leadership arising
Defeating terrorist plots against our cities.
Miracles being released so that this nation can see God as he really is and turn to him
A fresh love for America by it’s citizens and the Church
A fresh grace upon President Obama to govern and apprehend God’s love

This is not to imply that all will be positive as there are dark challenges which will be evident along with this display of God’s goodness. There will be light from Heaven revealing different mindsets in the church which for a time will cause embarrassment, shame and repentance. Yet, God’s grace is still upon this nation to be what he envisions it to be, and there is yet space for repentance. What God is looking for from the Body of Christ in America is that faith which works by love.

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  Chette wrote @

I will continue to pray for the world and all countries and all people to come back to God 🙂 Love the post! btw… do you want to be affy? I haven’t updated my blog yet but I will this december and also, I want to invite you to join the christian blog listing located at I got your blog in the Christian Blog Group in facebook 🙂

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