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A Thought…

Holiness was never mean’t by God to be a lifestyle of isolation for his children, but rather a separate one lived out in the open for nations to see–Matthew 5:14-16

“Untitled”–Prophetic poetry

The way is love
The way is light
Gate, light, God, love
Shut, light, shut this
Shut that, shut this
Shut, shut, God’s light enters this
Rain gate, light enter
Correcting, abiding and light
Correct, correct the nation now
City, cities, light enter

Given by Papa God, December 22, 2010

Love, Collisions And Grace–Prophetic poetry


He is love
Love is love
And love is the Father
The Father of love he is!

God is love, he is love
Wrestle, wrestle, God is love
Wrestle, correct and be and love
Wrestle, correct, love is love

Rain, collision, rain collision
Rain and love and God
Rain and God and thee
God love, God’s love!

Soak, soak love word…soak
Wrestle, love and do for me
Correcting, correcting, love is God
Grace, love and shudder

Rod, rod, Father’s love
Correct, correct and release
Light, love, light, love
Wrestle God and love

God is sending
God is sowing
It’s live, it’s light, it’s nation
Rain love, love see

Collision-correct and love
Gate open, love is God
God is God is God
God is love for this nation

This nation, this nation, God love
Reign, God, reign
Grace, love and burning love
Gate-love, gate-open

Soap, soap, God’s great grace
Correcting, releasing Heaven
Correcting, love correcting
Correcting a nation…grace

Soap, soap, great grace
Correct, correct, God’s grace, love
Cleansing, cleansing nation now
Wrestle, wrestle, God’s wrestle

God’s wrestle, God’s reign
Rain, rain, light be! Rain!
Cleansing, yea! Cleansing, yea!
Correcting a nation, correcting a nation
Grace is grace is light

Given by Papa God, December 21, 2010

Some prophetic poetry

Shut! Shut! Light be!
The secret is love.
The father, the father,
Abides in love

Collision, releaase and love
Collision is love and the father

The father, the door of Heaven
Release, collide, and door open
Gate, love be! grace be!
Collision…correcting…major grace

Collision… collision… collision
Collision-love and God
Light, God, light, Heaven
Correcting… collision… correcting

Shudder, shudder, God, open heavens
The shudder, the shudder, Heaven’s healings
Heaven’s new day

Given by Papa God, December 18,2010

Collisions and Correcting–prophetic poetry


Shut now, curse not
Collide, collide
Correct and light
Rain, go see God

Miracle, miracle generation
Correcting light and blending light
Grace and love and love
Shut, shut, God’s correction

Wrestle, correcting, gates open
Correcting, correcting, collision, correcting
Correcting, correcting; you love a nation
Correcting, colliding, collision

Collision, crisis, love word
Correcting, colliding; miracles and love
Wrestling, correcting a nation
Shut, do and love now

So burn and turn and love
Rain generation, rain
Correcting, colliding, correction
Wrestle, correct and be

Given by Papa God, December 15, 2010

Heavenly Collision–Prophetic poetry


Collide and burn
Correct, collide and burn
To land, to land
To turn, to love

Rain, collide and burn
Correction, correction; turn and love
Grace, and turn and be
God’s love, God’s light

Correct, correct
Collide with love
So live, so light, so love
Commit to wrestle, to love

Son, son, son,
God is love
Reign, go love a nation
Correct, correct and light in the nation

Reign and love, reign and love
Reign and the father’s love
Reign and love on this one
God is saying sow love

Shut and love and shut
Correct and love and love
Wrestle, collide with love
Correct, correct; love is love

The word is love
Collide with light and love
Cleansing, cleansing, cleanse a nation
Correct and love and love them

God is saying love and love
Love is light
And love is love
So love, so bless, so go

So bless, so burn, so go
Sow light, sow love, sow Heaven
It’s love, it’s love for you
Love is love, you see

Given by Papa God, December 15, 2010

Inferiority Complex..

An inferiority complex is as much a problem as a superiority complex. A person who carries within himself the lack of self worth(God esteem) can hinder the program of God for his life, for God has created all men in his image and after his likeness. If he is not careful, such a carrier can poison his family and community for generations. Entire people groups have allowed an inferiority complex to be worshiped an idol, with some leaders acting as priests facilitating the mindset. The Good news of the Gospel is that Jesus came to restore the kingdom of God within the hearts of men. In Christ, men are allowed to soar into Heavenly Places and as they do, they carry the ability from God to lift up their families, communities and nations. May we all be freed from the sense of inferiority and allow a loving God to give us the power to soar.

A Thought..

There are things of beauty which Papa God has placed within the houses which make up Human beings. As we hear his word, humble ourselves and obey his commands, a great profit awaits us, the marketplace and our families (2Kings 4:1-7)

To our new Friends..

Welcome to this blog site. There has been, of late, an increase in readership and I am very blessed to have you visiting it. Feel free to read the different poems, thoughts and words The Holy Spirit has helped me to write and share with as many possible.

We are also believers in the power of prayer. If you have a prayer request, feel free to leave it in the comments box just beneath this post. We will pray with you and yours, and if God gives us a word to share with you, we will write you back. Have a wonderful day, and a glorious Christmas Season.

“Cross Training”, A Thought

For the believer,’cross training’ is a lifestyle, which the Lord Jesus Christ is requiring of him. What it may be for one will be different for another.
It is one that will constantly challenge his or her’s comfort zone. But as long as that Child of God keeps his eyes on the forerunner Jesus Himself, he will not lose heart, or burn out. Matthew 16:24-26