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Disciples, a prophetic poem from Dec,2008


Learning, being, learning
Seals, seals, open now
God loves the word and change
Is word and grace!

The word, the word; release and release
Blessing, the word; blessing, the finance
Disciple grace; disciple change
Grace, love, blessing, change

God’s change, God’s love
The word, the word; release and bless
God. Learn. God. Love
Release and release and release

God direction, God sent
Abide, love and release
Release; seat, seat, seat
Grace, love and change

Idle, idle; now release
The word, the blessing, the house
Blessing, change, grace
Love to release, love to release

Idle, idle; God says release
Release and release and release
It’s me, it’s thee, it’s me
Learn to release; learn to go

God in grace; God direct
Love and bless and release
Love, love, release and be
God loves to change you and you

Do release, do send
Door, door in grace today
Go and be and be and be
More today, more to release

Door, door, sow, sow
Release, change, release
The new news; change news
Love, blessing and release

Order, orders, grace and change
The doing, the being, the release
Love, release and be
God is in change; and see!

Love is in change
Love is in blessing
Love: release them this day
Learn to grow and be; love, love

Given by papa God December 24, 2008


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