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A Thought

God does have secrets. He waits for those of his, to press through the veils of distraction ,receive those secrets and share them with a needy world.

A Thought

“What’s the frequency Kenneth?” was not just a sentence asked by a crazed man to a stranger, years ago. It is a question a fearful and crazed world is asking the Church of Jesus Christ at this hour. And yet by his Grace, we can open up to Heaven’s frequency and as the sons of Issachar know what to do and share it with this world God has assigned us to.

God plan–prophetic poem

God plan

Here, there,
Lay, lay,
God is now.
So love, so hide, so do

Reign, love be!
Reign love, seer be!
Heaven, love, Heaven
Reign love, word see
Say, say, God-love

Sowing love, love see
Reign, see, love see
So love, so here, so now
Live, love, see Heaven

Open house; God’s house
Bye, bye; light be!
Bye, bye; love be!
Sell , sell, they do

Live, live, see and love
Abide and love and love
Rain, rain, God is love
God is love, God is abiding

Seven , love, seven, love
Reign, and be the father
Send and love and turn
Light, father; love and love

Sower, sower; God and God
Oh rend and be the love
The father abides in light
Rise and light in thee

Soul, souls, love, love these
Reign light and love
Wrestle, love and see
Open house; vision, dream

Release, burn and be
The love, the father, the father, the day
Rise, love and burn
Rod, rod, father be!

So, go, love these
God and these nations
God and these nations
Rise, love now

Given by Papa God, November 27, 2010

“Untitled”–prophetic poetry

Lock, lock, lock
Rod, rod and love
Shush, shush ,shush
La, la; lay, lay

Rise, rise; love, love
Lie, lies, shut now!
Rain, rain, love, love
Rise, love, love, love

Wrestle, abide and bless
Wrestle, father, you
Shudder, shudder, love, love be
Surge love, surge light

Gate open now
Yea, light be see
Show love in these nations
Blend, blend, love nation

Merry, merry, holy love
Wrestle holy love
Wrestle holy love
Yea! Light, love, see light

Well, well, blessings now
Well, wells, holy love
Send love, send Heaven
Burn and be Heaven

Given by Papa God, November 24, 2010

God’s labor–prophetic poem from 2009


Gather, gather; God’s love

Gather, gather; it’s love

It’s love, but it’s love and grace

Release and send and sends

Door, door; grace, grace, love

God’s grace, God’s grace is labor

Seer, seers: love, be

It’s love that’s in thee

God and love and God and great

Grace, love, blessing, grace

Grace, love, blessing, love

God’s love; God’s love and love

Labor: God’s love is changing you

Exceeding grace and exceeding grace

Release and grace and secret

God secret, God secret

Secret release, secret change

Sow and sow; grace, grace

And grace, grace; love, love

It’s word, it’s love, it’s sow, sow, sow

Sow blessing, sow blessing

It’s word, it’s love, it’s love!

Given by Papa God, January 27, 2009

Father God’s release–a prophetic poem

Father God’s release–a prophetic poem.

Father God’s release–a prophetic poem

The Father is releasing miracles
Heaven, seers and God
Honor and love and love
Rain, love and thee

Rain, rain, see me
Rise, love and be!
The light, the father, the seer
Well, sell, Heaven’s love

Wrestle, abide and be
Heaven’s miracles,
Heaven’s abundant love,
Heaven’s abiding gate
Rain rise, love see

Sow love, sowing Heaven
Raising Heaven, raise Heaven
Live and do and do
Shudder, shudder, holy hearts

Descend and love and turn
Sow, fathers; sow to this
Shut now! Love, nation!
Father love, father light

Given by Papa God, November 24, 2010