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Ta-Da! a prophetic poem


So love and love and love
Yeah, love and thee and you
Rain purpose, light and love

Reach, burn, love and love
Passing light, love and mystery
Miracles, hope, burn and love
Show light and love to show

Commit and love and change and burn and do
Charis, charis, light and be
Rain must abide now, see
Pattern: oh love is the deep light

Rain, light and thee
Rise muscle, light be
Preach love, preach light
Rise light and love to see

Sowing, burn and burn with love
Wrestle, purpose, love and thee
Rising, connecting, miracles, love
Send love and burn; the way of love

Burden, burdens, love and God
Rise and love and love the nation
Rush, rush, love, love
God and love and thee

Sowing and love and doors of nations
Connecting and love and love
So light and light and light
Rise! New light is light

Rising and abiding to release now
Solace, solace, God and now
Surrender now, and be
Deep light, God for thee

Given by Papa God, October 28, 2010


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