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Mystery of Wrestling; a prophetic poem

Mystery nation
Wrestle and abide
It’s light, hand, God is light
Reign, live, blend, be

Wrestle, mystery abiding in God
The angles release gates of light
Miracle, light and love
Open house, light is light

Wrestle, light be! It’s time to see
Wrestle, wrestle, God is light
Gate, live, be this
Mr. Light, God is

Light, live, burn in love
Light be, upper Heaven see
Miracle, miracles, light be
Wrestle, gate open, abide and be

Wrestle burden, wrestle, abide
Wrestle, abide in light
Open house, gate open
Heaven, light, burn, show

Sow love, sow light
Wrestle, gate and light be
Wrestle and be the word
Miracle-love! God is light

Given by Papa God, October 14, 2010


  Jingle wrote @

the imagery is powerful,
lovely writing.
Thanks for sharing.

  Emmanuel Ibok wrote @

Good stuff…well written.


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