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A Thought on virtue

With God’s help, we must convince our Youth is that there is power in virtue—moral excellence. Virtue is not God’s instrument to make a young person an angry old bitter rule keeper, but to protect him or her through the many challenges their generation faces. Virtue is a heavenly force field which will enable any man, young or old to carry out their God-given mission upon this earth they were sent into.

Ta-Da! a prophetic poem


So love and love and love
Yeah, love and thee and you
Rain purpose, light and love

Reach, burn, love and love
Passing light, love and mystery
Miracles, hope, burn and love
Show light and love to show

Commit and love and change and burn and do
Charis, charis, light and be
Rain must abide now, see
Pattern: oh love is the deep light

Rain, light and thee
Rise muscle, light be
Preach love, preach light
Rise light and love to see

Sowing, burn and burn with love
Wrestle, purpose, love and thee
Rising, connecting, miracles, love
Send love and burn; the way of love

Burden, burdens, love and God
Rise and love and love the nation
Rush, rush, love, love
God and love and thee

Sowing and love and doors of nations
Connecting and love and love
So light and light and light
Rise! New light is light

Rising and abiding to release now
Solace, solace, God and now
Surrender now, and be
Deep light, God for thee

Given by Papa God, October 28, 2010

A Thought…

Since when has helping the poor, giving a hand(not a handout) and showing love towards others become ‘socialist’ values in America and the American Church?

We love to Pray for you…

To our Friends on, and beyond, we believe in the power of prayer. Our God is still walking the airwaves, and those who pray can expect and invasion of Heaven into their sphere.

Feel free to leave any prayer requests here, and we will take them to a caring God with you

America: A Thought

America is a story of many tribes looking at apple pie with each fearful of the other getting the bigger chunk of it. What these colorful and beautiful tribes desperately need is the mediation of the Son of Man who can bless that pie, break it and give to them slices of glory.Only as they allow his mediation will their eyes be opened to God and the need they have for one another in this great land.

A Thought…

There is no such thing as overnight success. Everything one sees in nature started with a small seed , it’s commitment to the ground, and slow but sure growth under pressure and the assuring moisture of rain.

Love’s Call; prophetic poetry


Forget, light, go and love
Rain love, blending love
Rain and light and love

Rain, burn, light
Rise, love and burn in light
Rise, miracle-love, love
Love-post, love hard
Opus, opus, God, light, love
Pastor rise, light be
Wrestle and be the word of love
Wrestle and love this, this

Curse not! Light! Love!
Rise and love, the word you see
Commit! Up, up! Light be!
Solace, love, God’s light

So love and love and see
Rain, light be, see
Rise, miracle-love see
Rise, miracle-gate, love them

Miracle piercings, miracle shudders
Heaven and blending love
Wrestle, love, light and thee
Rain and love you see

Purpose, bells, love God
Reign, God, rise, love
Release, burn and love them
Commit and love this to see

Given by Papa God, October 22, 2010