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The love Assignment; pt 2

Rain, rain
Light be, rain
Love and God you see
Rain be, be

Abide and blend and be
Rain and be in love
Blend and love and love
Love and burn and be

Love burns you
And love sees
Love hears this and that
Love is God and thee

Herald, herald, the blessing of God
Open house, open house
Holy is God
Rain, burn and burn

Shudder, shudder
Higher blessing
Immerse and blend with God
Love is love is God

Higher and higher love is
Love is love in thee
It’s love, it’s thee and you
Love is visions, here and there

Aiding love, burn and love
Honor love, love
Love holds love
Love stirs you-be love!

Love shows love
Open house, love is God
Open house, it’s love and thee
Love honors God

Given by Papa God, August 17, 2010



  Jingle wrote @

I have a post about rain too.
welcome reading it..

  Jingle wrote @

help visit a long time Poets Rally member celebrate her twin babies’ birthday today,
all the best!
Thank you in advance!

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