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A thought…

Before there is a new beginning, there must be the shinning of light into dark places. Light comes not just to differentiate that which is good from evil but to usher into existence things which are beautiful, creative and blessed. Let there be light..

Light be; pt 10 ; prophetic poetry

Marriage, God and love
Live, bless and grow
Live and blend and light be
Sow love and Heaven’s blessing

Love, light and Heaven
Light be, light see
Love holds love
Light be, ah, light be

Light be, ah, light be
Ah love, burn and love
Oh light, love light
Say light, love and be

Oh love, burn with love
Oh live and love this
Sow love and burn with love
Love is God this day

Sow love and light and God
God and yes, God
Light is love and Heaven’s abundance
Love and love, oh go be!

Given by Papa God, August 24,2010

Light be; Pt 9

Kind God, light, hope
Live and live in light
Live as love and love
Live, love and be
Live here, now, in light
Sow light in this day
Love gate, love be
Sow light, God lives, light
Release light, love and be
Sow and love and see

Given by Papa God, August 24,2010

Light be, Pt 8; prophetic poem

Majesty love
And light, God
And light, God
Oh light be, live and see

Light, live and love
Light gate, open house
Light be? oh yeah, light be
Light be, oh live and see
Oh see, love and be

Given by Papa God, August 24,2010

American Blessing; a love word from Papa God

American Blessing
Light and love; yes
Light, love, God-love
Love light, love God

Given by Papa God, August 24,2010

Light be, Pt 7

Light be, Pt 7

God light
Honor, love, and live light
Live light, live God
Light show, love word
Live, love and love
Honor and love and get out in love
Oh love and love, God in you
Light be, light be you see
Light be, love see
Oh love blessing, light be

Given by Papa God, August 24,2010

A word of Love; prophetic poetry

Star, star of love
Light and love and Go
Light be? oh love is light
Light be, yea, God is light!

Live the word, sow light
Light, live in the word
Light be, burn with light
Aid, love, God, live

Light be, burn, light and see
Live and blend and love in light
Sow light and love and blend
Light, love and love

Given by Papa God, August 24, 2010

show it; prophetic poetry

Show it

Show love, show Heaven, show God
Blessing, abundant love
Rise, rise and blend with love
Abide, bless and release

Given by Papa God, August 21, 2010

Love and light be; prophetic poetry

Love and light be!

Mutter no
Love, love, be
Love is Heaven on a marriage
Light be…
Light be, love be
Sow and love and bless; sow
Oh light be, light be
Oh bless, light be
Tents, light, open house
Light be, counsel, love
Love word…

Given by Papa God, August 21, 2010

Love Remedy; a prophetic poem

Love Remedy

Kind, kind nation
Love opens now
Love, light be
Love stirs a nation

Heaven counsels healing
Higher blending and higher abundance
So love and love now
Love sows burning light

Given by Papa God, August 21, 2010