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Love, Burn and Be; a prophetic poem


Burn and be
Love and be
Burn with love and see
Open love, love, yea

Burn, love, see
Bless and be and be
Love you’re to see and do
Open force, love

Love burn, love yea
Love yea, love see
Love you, love now
Love time, loved

Aide, love gate
Love, light, light
Burn love and love
Door of Heaven open now

Love now, love you
Sow love, burn love
Love gate, love yes
Burn, burn, see, love

Open house, bless yes
Love, love you sow
Love yea, love now
Love gate now is

So burn, love, yes
Love you, love this
Love this, love it
Burn now, burn, be

So love and burn and be
So love and be love
Love sees neighbors, neighbors
Sow love and gate of Heaven

Love God, love yes
Burn and love and see
God and burn and be
Love and be, you see!

Given by Papa God, July 26, 2010

Cafe Commission; a prophetic poem


The Blend of God
The love, the gate
The gate, the Heaven
The God of gods

The God of Gods
The gate of Heaven
The God of abundant love
The God of Heaven

Open, go and be
A father, a blessing, a door
A blend, a love of God
Father, fathers, deep blend

Soak up, blend and be
Seven, love, seven, God
Love, the gate, the gates of Heaven
Father, God, love, do

The father, the seer, the blend
The blend, the God of Gods
The door, the house, go in
Love and be and do

Given by Papa God, July 29, 2010

Not ‘luck’, but God

Love operates
It operates; it operates
It operates in blessing
They say luck; but I say blessing
I say blessing is in me; I say blessing is in me
They say oh it is in this doing this
I say it’s in my grace
It is in my grace
I say grace is the key
The key to abundance
The key to open heavens
The key to abundance of grace
The key to the work of grace
The key to great blessing
The key to ’the secret’
The key to blessing; the key to grace
It’s the key to opening opening
The key to abundance
The key to visitations
The key to generations
The key to receiving
They say it is in ’luck’
But it is ’in me’

Given by Papa God; April 1,2008

A word of love…to love; prophetic poetry

A word of love …to love

Show love, show light, show God
Shoo-shoo, you go!
Burn, love and blend
Love and get in love

Burn and love and love
Love and blend and love
Love is light and love is you
Rain light and love

Rod, love, and God
Burn with love and Heaven
Rain, light, holy gate
Love…open house

Burn new love
Love shoe, love shoes
Rod and love and God
Love, God, God’s love

Learn love; love and love
Burn love and burn, yes
Open house, get and love
Burn, love and do

So burn, so love
Burn, burn, surge, love
Shoo! Love! Shoo! Love!
Bell, bell, love, love

Sell, sell, the ways of love
Rain and love and be
Love and be; go and do
Love sows, gates of love

Abide and blend and see
Rod and burn and see
Love gate, love house
Love up and love you!

Abide, burn and love
Open house, burn and see
Love you, love these
Love hears love news

Love sows, love you
Love abundant, love and love
Love and do and love and yes
Love and sow and be

Open hand; love is love
Tent, tent; love God
Love is God and love is you
Love you, love you, so love you!

Sow love, love gate
Open house, love and you
Upper Heaven, gate of Heaven
Love has blends of God

God-gate, love, you
Love, you, burn in love
Love, love, go, be
Oh burn with love and be

Door gate, love now
Love ups; love you
Soap, soap, love aid
Seven, burn, love

So burn and burn with love
So burn and burn in love
Send love and burn with God
Love; the gate is God!

Given by Papa God, July 13, 2010

Love is a day and a way; prophetic poetry

Love is a day
Love is a day
Love is a way
Rain love and love

Rain hard and light ,light
Send and light and be
Surge, live in light
Release and love and turn, show

Kind light and light be
A show, a burn, a gate
Release and love and show
Show and love and know

Shut in and love
And shut and love
Show love, and love and turn
Surge, open house

Release, open house
Release, love and turn
Open love there, where, near
Release and love and shut in

Given by Papa God, July 9,2010

A Thought…

Love is a heavenly blend from God’s café from which we take heaping servings for ourselves and give away it’s cups of overflow to nations

A thought…

God’s café is an open house with heaping doses of love and abundance available to all. You need not be a member of just one particular race to join, and you don’t need money or a membership card. Calvary’s cross has provided you and I open access to come, imbibe, and enjoy it’s heavenly menu! The Holy Spirit says come, one and all and enjoy!

Burn, light, and love; a prophetic poem


Shudder, shudders of Heaven
Burn, visit and light
Bells, love, Heaven
Shoes; light up shoes

Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel
Light, heavens change
Judah, Father, rod
Mercy, open house

Sow light and love and light
Light and God and nation
Light shudders, light change
A son of God, blend, love

Send light, send love
Press in, light up
Seven, love, gate, light
Amazing gate, amazing light

Learn change, learn secrets
Listen; live, live and light
Shut and light and love
Surge, holy change

Line, door, Heaven’s nation
Shoes, holy light
Gate, love and light
Wrestle, wrestle, love and light

Fathering light, light, light
Father rod, love and live
Journey, live and love
Open house, open love

Rush up, rushing love
Descend and light and light
Rod and light and door
Release light, now

Show love, live light
Walk and love and do
Release and do and do
Release and love and do

Sow love; burn and do
Sow mercy and burn
Rain, light and be
Receive and do and see

Word, word! Burn and burn
Love and do and see
Send light, live in love
Purge, door, love

Love and surge and change
Rod and God and change
Burn, send, light and do
Send love, send new love

Love God love you
You love nations
Light, lights of God change nations
Major rod God is showing

Release love, show love
Rain, God and light
Rod and love and you
Send light and love nation

Live, burn, and love
Love and love and do
Oh love now, love yeah
Rod, church, rod

Given by Papa God, July 8, 2010

A thought

When will we learn that we were created by him and for him, and that we were sent on this earth give him glory, and pleasure as well as being loved by him? Until we settle the main thing in our hearts, righteousness, peace and joy will be elusive things.

Love and light; a prophetic poem

A light, a visitation, a gate
Jew, Jew: love and bless
Land, land, open hand
Aid, love and abide

Oh love and light and bless
Oh shut and love and be
Light, burn, and light
Love and love and light!

Open house, open love; light
Honor and deep and bless
Release love and light and love
Oh light, the word, light

Light, love and release
Love and light and love
Release and send and love
Father, burn and love

Release and light and lead
Release and father and be
Sow love and light and love
Sow light and the father and the nation

Leader, father, Jew
Rod, God and light
Rain, rain; hand love
Send, blend, door and light

Love is a day
Love is a day
And love is a seed
Purse, light, and love

Love and love and light
Rod, land, land
Light, father, lead

Given by Papa God, July 7, 2010