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Rain and Heaven; prophetic poetry

Rain and Heaven

Rain and Heaven
Rain, light, and Heaven
Leaven, leaven, show light
Live here, now, light

Seven, light, light, Heaven
Rod and Heaven and light
Rending Heaven, rending nations

Set rod, set light, set Heaven
Sense light, sense gates, sense angel
Set light, gate, God

Gather light, gather rod, gather secret
Send the light and live in light
Rod and heaven and you
Jew, Jew love now

Rod, get, see, God
Oh whole light, whole light
Large gate, Heaven is here
Open Heaven, do the light

Do you see light and God?
Judah…love them
Rod and God and yeah
Such light here you know

Aid and heal and release
Judah, release Judah
Up, Heaven, up
Up you go to see the light

Given by Papa God, June 4, 2010

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