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Shush, shush, shush
Hold, hold, hold
Wah-wah, ha!
Shush, shush, shush

Rod, rod; change
Wah-wah; God
Soon, soon learn change
Surge, rain; gain

Rod, rod; God
Rain, change, now
Wah, love now
See change, you see!

Father sees…
Maze, maze,amazing
Rain, gain, change
Rain; see rain

Shame, wah, shame
Seer, seer, rain, see
Wash, wash up, rain
Surge rain, surge

Mutter, no; love, be
Visions, change, shut
Wah-wah , wah, shut now
Rain; shut now

See this rain change, shake
Rain; see the rain, change
Wah-wah ; God’s season
Shoo-shoo; rain shut a nation

Sow God, sow love
Sow love, sow Heaven
Kings, new change
Sing, and love and rain

Given by Papa God, May 2010

A Thought…

It’s one thing to be staunch in the faith, but the danger lies in being so staunch there lacks the joy of the Lord,which is our strength. God is to be enjoyed, and people are to be loved with his love. Is your staunchiness to starchy for God ?

A thought…

Worship helps turn the wah-wah’s of life into wow-wows

Change! a prophetic poem


Rain, change, yeah!
Holy love and change
Lay change, love change
Wah, lay change

Way, way change, great change
Dear rain, kings, nation
Watch love, watch kings
Mail, major rain

Rod, rod, church, land
Wah-wah, no church; grow, love
Rain, new days, king
Wah, lay change

Rise, rise, change, lay
Lesson, church, love lay
Leaven church, leaven house
Mutter no: God is love

Fathers wrestle, fathers change
Host, host God, love
Major rain, get love in
Us, get in love
Us, get in God

Given by Papa God, April 30, 2010