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Holy Rod; a prophetic poem

Holy Rod

La, la, rod
It’s love, it’s hard, it’s light
Seer, rod, seer, rod
Lie, rod, lie

Love, rod, grace, change
Oh rod; light, change
God’s light, God’s light
Rod, shut, rod, shudder

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestling, wrestle
Wrestle, love, church rod
It’s light, it’s light, it’s light
Raise nations now; nations

Rod, gate; rod, seer
Rods, seers, rain
Rod of Heaven; church rod
Charis, rain, light, love

Love, light, love, light
Rod, love, rod, love
Rod, Heaven, seer, love
Days, holy rod

Holy rod, holy rod
A raise-up, a raising
A seer, a gate of Heaven
Sire, sire; rod, Heaven

Surge, surging rain
Rain, lights of Heaven
A bell, a gate of Heaven
Open house, open house; holy and light

Surge, surging hearts
Rain, shudders, rod
Rod; shut, shut, shut
Surge, rain, surge, now

Open Heaven, abide now
Sod, sod, love, love
Rain; God’s light
Surge, rod, surge

Given by Papa God, May 25, 2010

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