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Hard Rain; a prophetic word to America

by Michael Lee

Dear friends, as this bulletin is being sent out to you, I invite you to prayerfully weigh it according to the word of God. This is an invitation from Heaven for all of us to pray fervently for our nation, and to get closer to Papa God as never before.

In the following, I will relay a message God has impressed on my spirit to write, which is one of judgment. Judgment is not necessarily fatal. And through prayer it can be averted, or its effect limited. (Numbers 14:11-20, Ezekiel 22:30, James 5:16). But judgment can also be the doorway to the proper restoration of things. It can bring restoration to a family, a city, and yes even to a nation under God and all creation to divine purposes. So please keep this in mind as you read this writing. May our Papa God truly bless and keep you.
During the past 3 weeks, Papa God has shared with me that we are about to enter into a season of extraordinary happenings, both in the natural and in the spiritual dimensions. To put it plainly, the heavens will shake the American nation and church. God deems to reintroduce himself to the United States as God Almighty. Not to destroy it, but to grant it a space of opportunity for repentance and restoration. The winds of Heaven are about to blow in unusual ways on our nation which will result in its humbling, repentance and grace. We will experience a season of very hard rain. A hard or heavy rain usually leaves devastation in its wake. The after-effect upon the human family ranges from the despair of loss to the resolve to rebuild and help others.

Why is God going to allow this to come? God said it’s because of our sin of ‘muttering’. Merriam-Webster’s definition:
Muttering “1. to utter sounds or words indistinctly or with a low voice and with the lips partly closed; 2. to murmur, complainingly or angrily
Brethren, muttering, or its synonym “murmuring”, is a sin in the sight of God. It was this continual act which kept Israel from the promise land for forty years when it should have taken mere days to enter in. Muttering can represent ingratitude (Numbers 14:1-35, Psalm 106:7-26), to the God who shows mercy and grace in ways innumerable to the objects of his love.

The American society has at present, fallen into the sin of muttering and its collective sound has reached Heaven. It has manifested in the forms of complaints against God’s word, His ways and His call for national change. As a culture, we have taken the blessings of our God for granted. The surge of racial unrest and division has within its foundation the complaints which neighbors speak, one against the other.

But the Church of Jesus Christ is not without the guilt of muttering either. Yes, God’s children mutter against His ways too and against their brothers and sisters in the church. It has become a leaven which must be purged from our mouths, our homes, our marriages and churches…if we are to ever move into our land of promise. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” (I Cor 5:6) Words of blessing, love and grace which ought to come out of our mouths as evidence of our walk with God have become instead words of cursing (Malachi 3:13-14; James 5:1-11).

Many of us as believers have either unwittingly or unknowingly resisted the call of God to change and to flow with His grace to maturity; but rather we often mutter against His integrity and love for us because of our own fears, doubts and selfishness.

Therefore, a rod of God’s judgment will come upon this nation because of the sin of muttering.

Hard rain or heavy rain is a relentless thing of nature. The hard rain from the heavens will immerse parts of the United States to flood levels rising to historic proportions in its rivers, streets and cities. This will result in our schools, businesses, sporting events and entertainments being shut down. America could face the aspect of being shut at its ports and borders. There will be personal judgments during this time upon families, individuals, and businesses that have not aligned themselves to God’s call for kingdom change.

Hard rain can also speak of the washing away of an old order, as it did in Noah’s flood, where the culture of lawlessness in his time was washed away, leaving behind eight people, preserved in an ark of safety (Genesis 6; 7:4-24).

The hard rains which are coming upon the land will parallel spiritually with Heaven opening manifested glory for the purpose of not only re-revealing Jesus Christ to our nation, but to also bring the church of this nation into a shaking. Ministers of the Gospel that are in the business of building their ministries upon the backs of the flock of God, will be judged and either set aside for a season, or have their candlestick taken away altogether. Major churches in the land will experience shaking with one being closed. In its place, God will baptize His body into a love which will express kindness to the lost, respect towards different church streams and a fresh return of holiness. The United States, whose people, along with its church, will transition from a proud, muttering culture into an abased, submitted example. We will see America transition from its current ‘wah-wah’, or muttering condition, into a ‘baa-baa’, or ‘sheep’ nation, which will stretch out its hands toward Heaven anew in thanksgiving, worship and dependence upon God. Increasing angelic activity will also be evident and a ‘kind love’ will be renewed in the national behavior. In the midst of catastrophe, America will be given the opportunity to become, one nation shut into God.

Parts of this prophecy carries the aspect of devastation and shaking, yet it also carries with it the promise of a fresh hope, and a stirring within the heart to pray to get closer to God as never before and to be ready for a great harvest. Let us make God and His perspective our business rather than making him a once a week convenience. As Christians, we will have an historic opportunity to see our walk with the lord take on a fresh dimension we have never imagined. Christianity in the United States will say bye-bye to business as usual and become a great influence beyond the walls of the church into a desperate culture crying out to Heaven.

On God’s prophetic timetable, there is the promise of both the former and the latter rains coming together. It also speaks of the opportunity to ask boldly and largely of God in faith (Zechariah 10:1). May God bless each one of us as we enter into an unprecedented season of shaking and promise.

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