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Shush, shush, shush
Hold, hold, hold
Wah-wah, ha!
Shush, shush, shush

Rod, rod; change
Wah-wah; God
Soon, soon learn change
Surge, rain; gain

Rod, rod; God
Rain, change, now
Wah, love now
See change, you see!

Father sees…
Maze, maze,amazing
Rain, gain, change
Rain; see rain

Shame, wah, shame
Seer, seer, rain, see
Wash, wash up, rain
Surge rain, surge

Mutter, no; love, be
Visions, change, shut
Wah-wah , wah, shut now
Rain; shut now

See this rain change, shake
Rain; see the rain, change
Wah-wah ; God’s season
Shoo-shoo; rain shut a nation

Sow God, sow love
Sow love, sow Heaven
Kings, new change
Sing, and love and rain

Given by Papa God, May 2010


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