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Walk in love, Part II


The shudder now is

Walk in love in God

Shut in, shut in grace

Shut in love and God

Rock, rock, rock, holy love

Shut in grace in love

Love honors, nation

Upper Heaven; share, share God’s grace

Watch love heal a nation

Rock healing, rock grace

It’s God healing, nations change

Shut in, grow and love

Priest, God is love; shut in!

Walk in love, walk in love!

Raucous, shudder, shudder, shudder

Counsel, marriage, healing marriage

Fight, fight; love, love

Surge in love, surge in love

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, abiding in love

Upper Heaven; love heals a nation

Walk in the word, soak in God

Heaven honors now, God

Open house, open Heaven

Upper Heaven; love and God

Pattern, marriage, love, God

Upper Heaven, God is love, shut in!

Walk God’s love, walk the love

Upper Heaven; light, light, nation

Rock, rock, light, light

The barren change, the barren change

Oh, open Heaven, heal you, love!

Passion, open Heaven grace

Seer, seers, change, church

Able, able, marriage, love

Surge, love, see God

Healing marriage, healing love

The wake up comes now

Walk love, love now

Upper Heaven honors a nation

Surge, counsel, grace

Honor God, love nations

Shut in, great nation

Carry love, carry change

Honor love, honor love

God is surging in nations

Oh love holds nations

Shut in, shut in; keep love in

Stay in this change

Upper Heaven; God is

Rock, father, love, nation

Hearken now, see great change

Holy love, holy love

Walk in God and love now

Marriage holds love

Open Heaven, open Heaven

Walk in love now

Surge, surge, marriage, God, love

Upper Heaven, mock, mock, not now

Light, love, light, yes

Open Heaven; honor love

Given by Papa God, March 18, 2010


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