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Walk in Love! A prophetic poem


He is loved

Loved he is, loved

Upper Heaven is shaking the nation

Burn, burn, love, nation

Stay in love, nation

He sees love, love

Love the word, love the rock

Upper Heaven, he’s healed of this

Operate in love, search love

Healing love, healing a nation

Higher love, higher

Kind love, nation, higher

Love, love, love the Rock

Upper Heaven, he is loved

Open heart, open heart

Upper Heaven; it’s God, he’s healed

Surge, surge, surge

It’s God, it’s God, it’s God

Rock, rock, God is love

Set height, set love

Walk God, walk love

Surge, surge, surge, love

Upper Heaven; honor the love

Love, the love, the love…rock

Honor, love, honor, rock

Teach and do and be

Rock, rock, keep going

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, grace and grace

Heal, heal, heal, heal

Shut, heal, shut, heal

Oh love, oh love, oh love

Surrender, God is great in shaking the church

Shut in, shut in, shut now

Honor, love and love

Walk God, walk love

The burn, the burn, the God, the love

Night, night, grace, love

Angels healing a nation

Mocking change, no; grow, love

Honor God, love heals a nation

Love, rock, love

Open hearts, open hearts

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, nation

Walk in love, healing, healing God

Walk, walk, love, love

Surge, surge, healing nation

Walk, healing nation

Healing, walk and love

Upper Heaven, honor God in nations

It’s you, it’s thee, it’s nation

Roll, roll, roll in God

Walk in God, in love

God sees you…love!

Love you’re to have

Rock, father, love

Healing your church

Shake, shake now

Honor heals a nation

Walk in love, in God

Honor, love, healing heart

Stir love, stir love

Odor, odor, God is, open Heaven

Say love, say love, say God

Marriage, love, open Heaven

Stirring now, grace and love

Honor and love and bless

Angels, open Heaven

Open Heaven, open Heaven, healing hearts

God says surge, surge, surge

Surge in love, in God

Walk in love, in love

Walk in love, in God

It’s God; rock, rock, rock

Open Heaven he sees

Honor and love and grace

It’s love, it’s God…release!

Souls, angel, souls

Honor love, see nations

Holy love for nations

Healing hearts, nations stir

God is surging in nations

Operate in love in God

Walk in love for nations

Higher love; love nations

Given by Papa God, March 17, 2010

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