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Shut, shut, shut

Shut now, shut now

Shut now, shut change

Shake nations, shut now

Counsel…shut nations

It’s shut the church of this

The shut of the shutting

Release shaking church

Here, now, shut now

Wake up, shake now

Here, now, shut now

Upper Heaven shudder, shudders of church

Shut, shudders of change

Shut, shut, now change

Here, now, shut, shut

Shut, new news

Purge, purge, shut now

Shock, shock, now shocking church

Wrecking church, wrecking church

Shudders of change, yes

Watch, change, love, yes

Reckon, shudder, reckon, shudder

Reckon, upper Heaven, cancel, change

It’s counsel, it’s change, yes

Shut, shut, now, yes

Oh counsel, holy shaking, change

Direct dreams, healing, healing, change

Shake, change, shudder, yes

Shudder, change, counsel, change

Receive shoes of love

Holy shudders, shudder, shudder

Honor, change, cancel, love

Must love, yes, yes

Angels counsel, open Heaven

The ocean counsel

The oceans come in

Watch nations shake and change

Shut in, change you

Open change, open change

Shut, shut, holy shutter

Shudder, shudders of love

Purse, purse, shut, shut

Holden holy change

Shut, shut, change, yes change

Shut, shut, new news

Release here and there

Watch love heal change

Wreck, wrecking change

What, water, father, change

Water, ways, healing change

Open Heaven, change, yes

Water, waters, change, yes

Surging, shaking, change, holy

Marriage shudders, marriage shudders

Shudders, healing change

Counsel, love heals church

Holy love heals, heals

Shock, shock, love, shock, upper Heaven

Father, love your seed

Marriage shudders, heal, love

Holy love, yes

Passion, love shudder

Here, now, you love

It’s you, it’s God, you see

Wrestle, go; be healed

Love, yes, you are blessed

Holy love, you are loved

Love, loved, you are loved

Stir love, love, care, care

Shut in love

Hear this, love these

Marriage, love heals nation

Hear nations!  Stir in God!

Love heals your house

Live in love for change

Love hard, love great

Shudder, open Heaven, open house

Upper Heaven, shaking church

Holy is God in you

Here, there, love, you

Holy is here and now

Solace, solace, healing change

Father, love your church

Oh love the church you have

Star, stars, healing change

Higher love, love now

Sail, sail in love here and now

Shine, love, shine

New day, new day, new love

Holy love, love, love

See love come now

Shake nations in love

Given by Papa God, March 12, 2010


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