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Walk in Love! A prophetic poem


He is loved

Loved he is, loved

Upper Heaven is shaking the nation

Burn, burn, love, nation

Stay in love, nation

He sees love, love

Love the word, love the rock

Upper Heaven, he’s healed of this

Operate in love, search love

Healing love, healing a nation

Higher love, higher

Kind love, nation, higher

Love, love, love the Rock

Upper Heaven, he is loved

Open heart, open heart

Upper Heaven; it’s God, he’s healed

Surge, surge, surge

It’s God, it’s God, it’s God

Rock, rock, God is love

Set height, set love

Walk God, walk love

Surge, surge, surge, love

Upper Heaven; honor the love

Love, the love, the love…rock

Honor, love, honor, rock

Teach and do and be

Rock, rock, keep going

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, grace and grace

Heal, heal, heal, heal

Shut, heal, shut, heal

Oh love, oh love, oh love

Surrender, God is great in shaking the church

Shut in, shut in, shut now

Honor, love and love

Walk God, walk love

The burn, the burn, the God, the love

Night, night, grace, love

Angels healing a nation

Mocking change, no; grow, love

Honor God, love heals a nation

Love, rock, love

Open hearts, open hearts

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, nation

Walk in love, healing, healing God

Walk, walk, love, love

Surge, surge, healing nation

Walk, healing nation

Healing, walk and love

Upper Heaven, honor God in nations

It’s you, it’s thee, it’s nation

Roll, roll, roll in God

Walk in God, in love

God sees you…love!

Love you’re to have

Rock, father, love

Healing your church

Shake, shake now

Honor heals a nation

Walk in love, in God

Honor, love, healing heart

Stir love, stir love

Odor, odor, God is, open Heaven

Say love, say love, say God

Marriage, love, open Heaven

Stirring now, grace and love

Honor and love and bless

Angels, open Heaven

Open Heaven, open Heaven, healing hearts

God says surge, surge, surge

Surge in love, in God

Walk in love, in love

Walk in love, in God

It’s God; rock, rock, rock

Open Heaven he sees

Honor and love and grace

It’s love, it’s God…release!

Souls, angel, souls

Honor love, see nations

Holy love for nations

Healing hearts, nations stir

God is surging in nations

Operate in love in God

Walk in love for nations

Higher love; love nations

Given by Papa God, March 17, 2010

Upper Heaven love, a prophetic poem


The holy church

Aid, aid, love

Watch love, upper Heaven

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, God is love

What love, what love!

Upper Heaven answers nations

Shudder, shudder, upper Heaven, change

Upper Heaven…utter love

Rock, rock, love, love

Seer, seer, love, seer

Holy love, holy love, love, love

Heal, bless, love, love

Upper Heaven, blessing love

Shut in, love and love

Holy love, love and God

Shut in!  God is healing, yes

Shine and God is light

Kind love, love, heal

Heal, heal, grace, love

Ache, ache, God sees love

Open Heaven, God is love

Aid, aid, God is love

Holler, holler, love and God

Time, love, love, love now

Rock, rock, love yes

Shut love, no; lose grace

See, love heals nations

Given by Papa God, March 17, 2010

Walk in love, Part II


The shudder now is

Walk in love in God

Shut in, shut in grace

Shut in love and God

Rock, rock, rock, holy love

Shut in grace in love

Love honors, nation

Upper Heaven; share, share God’s grace

Watch love heal a nation

Rock healing, rock grace

It’s God healing, nations change

Shut in, grow and love

Priest, God is love; shut in!

Walk in love, walk in love!

Raucous, shudder, shudder, shudder

Counsel, marriage, healing marriage

Fight, fight; love, love

Surge in love, surge in love

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, abiding in love

Upper Heaven; love heals a nation

Walk in the word, soak in God

Heaven honors now, God

Open house, open Heaven

Upper Heaven; love and God

Pattern, marriage, love, God

Upper Heaven, God is love, shut in!

Walk God’s love, walk the love

Upper Heaven; light, light, nation

Rock, rock, light, light

The barren change, the barren change

Oh, open Heaven, heal you, love!

Passion, open Heaven grace

Seer, seers, change, church

Able, able, marriage, love

Surge, love, see God

Healing marriage, healing love

The wake up comes now

Walk love, love now

Upper Heaven honors a nation

Surge, counsel, grace

Honor God, love nations

Shut in, great nation

Carry love, carry change

Honor love, honor love

God is surging in nations

Oh love holds nations

Shut in, shut in; keep love in

Stay in this change

Upper Heaven; God is

Rock, father, love, nation

Hearken now, see great change

Holy love, holy love

Walk in God and love now

Marriage holds love

Open Heaven, open Heaven

Walk in love now

Surge, surge, marriage, God, love

Upper Heaven, mock, mock, not now

Light, love, light, yes

Open Heaven; honor love

Given by Papa God, March 18, 2010

Surrender and Love; a prophetic poem



Love is love is love

It’s love, it’s God, it’s love

It’s you, it’s God, it’s this

Kind love, love for these

Rock, father, rock

Love heals…love

It’s love, counsel, love

Upper Heaven, love and love

Honor, rock, love

Love, rock, love

Love, rock, love heals

Love heals him

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven

Honor rock, honor

Love heals the nations

It’s time, it’s love, it’s him

Counsel, counsel, love heals

Release healing race

It’s love, it’s love

It’s love connecting a nation

Surrender, marriage, connect, love

Walk God’s love; healing a nation

Passion, grace, now light

Connect and love and love

Malice, change now

Counsel and love and love

Marriage, marriage, counsel love

Stir love, healing hearts

God loves marriage

Healing nations, healing love

Walk in love and love and love

Holy is God and Holy is, yes

Angels, rock, rock, God

Upper heavens, love is healing

Walk and love and love

Walk in God for hearts

Harden, harden not…love

Time, grace, love, yes

Heal and love and love

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, holy is love

Surrender, honor, see

Surrender, and love, see ?

See God love your heart

Search…love search

It’s love, it’s love, it’s God

Holy love, holy God

Kind love is love

It’s love, it’s love, kind love

Given by Papa God 3/18/10

The shudder, pt 9, a prophetic poem

The shudder, Pt 9

Shake nation, shake change

Open Heaven, open house

Holy love, holy church

Time, times, love nations

Angels, nations, love

Tell love, say grace

Shut, shut; love heals

Upper Heaven, love is yes

Tom, Thomas , you do love, love

Upper Heaven, grace and God

Accurate words, accurate love

Upper Heaven, love for you

Change, you see, is now

Shudder…holy shudder

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven; love is yes

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven; God is yes!

John, john, love, love

Upper Heaven love for you

Stay in love, healing change

Taste love, release love, yes

Release change, love your nation

Shake nations in love

Learn blessing, healing change

Learn change, love nations

Visions, healing, change, yes!

Accurate words of Heaven

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven; love hears a nation

Upper Heaven, change, nations come

Shut in, grow and love

Shut in, love and love

See the way of Heaven

God is love and God is love

A shut in, a shut in

Of things of love

Carry God and love the church

Shut, shut, shut; holy love

What, what love?  Yes

Say love, love, love

Counsel and love and love

Bless and love and bless

Pat, patterns, patterns of God

Love, love, love, yes

Angels, love, healing change

Rose, roses, holy love

Time, time, love, love

See God, see love

Shut in, love and love

Search, search, God for you

Shut, shut, love counsel

Will, willing for you

Healing nations for you

Heal, love, change, you

Tussle, tussle; holy love

Shake up nations, shake up nations

Search, search, heal, love

Upper Heaven, upper Heaven, love heals

Stay in God; love, church

Stay, love – stay healed

Love heals a nation

Shut in love, yes

It’s love, it’s love; hey, hey, love!

Watch love heal, yes!

Love honors love

Upper Heaven, God is healing you

It’s word, it’s God, yes!

Written by Papa God, March 17,2010

Shut, shut, shut

Shut now, shut now

Shut now, shut change

Shake nations, shut now

Counsel…shut nations

It’s shut the church of this

The shut of the shutting

Release shaking church

Here, now, shut now

Wake up, shake now

Here, now, shut now

Upper Heaven shudder, shudders of church

Shut, shudders of change

Shut, shut, now change

Here, now, shut, shut

Shut, new news

Purge, purge, shut now

Shock, shock, now shocking church

Wrecking church, wrecking church

Shudders of change, yes

Watch, change, love, yes

Reckon, shudder, reckon, shudder

Reckon, upper Heaven, cancel, change

It’s counsel, it’s change, yes

Shut, shut, now, yes

Oh counsel, holy shaking, change

Direct dreams, healing, healing, change

Shake, change, shudder, yes

Shudder, change, counsel, change

Receive shoes of love

Holy shudders, shudder, shudder

Honor, change, cancel, love

Must love, yes, yes

Angels counsel, open Heaven

The ocean counsel

The oceans come in

Watch nations shake and change

Shut in, change you

Open change, open change

Shut, shut, holy shutter

Shudder, shudders of love

Purse, purse, shut, shut

Holden holy change

Shut, shut, change, yes change

Shut, shut, new news

Release here and there

Watch love heal change

Wreck, wrecking change

What, water, father, change

Water, ways, healing change

Open Heaven, change, yes

Water, waters, change, yes

Surging, shaking, change, holy

Marriage shudders, marriage shudders

Shudders, healing change

Counsel, love heals church

Holy love heals, heals

Shock, shock, love, shock, upper Heaven

Father, love your seed

Marriage shudders, heal, love

Holy love, yes

Passion, love shudder

Here, now, you love

It’s you, it’s God, you see

Wrestle, go; be healed

Love, yes, you are blessed

Holy love, you are loved

Love, loved, you are loved

Stir love, love, care, care

Shut in love

Hear this, love these

Marriage, love heals nation

Hear nations!  Stir in God!

Love heals your house

Live in love for change

Love hard, love great

Shudder, open Heaven, open house

Upper Heaven, shaking church

Holy is God in you

Here, there, love, you

Holy is here and now

Solace, solace, healing change

Father, love your church

Oh love the church you have

Star, stars, healing change

Higher love, love now

Sail, sail in love here and now

Shine, love, shine

New day, new day, new love

Holy love, love, love

See love come now

Shake nations in love

Given by Papa God, March 12, 2010