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Connection, a poem


Holy is now, holy is this

Holy is the word of Heaven

Open Heaven, open now

Lo, lo, Heaven opens now

Wells of God, wells of love

Wells of healing a soul

A soul, a soul, a soul

It’s love, it’s love, it’s God, it’s love

Urge, God, urge, grace

Burn, Heaven, burn, love

Open Heaven, love, love

The God who loves is God

Holler, holler, love and grace

Rolling, rolling, rolling grace

Open Heaven, God and thee

Love and God and you

Holy is nations in love

The sight of God, the sight of grace

Boast; boast in grace, in love

Holy God is for you

Worship, burn and love

Open Heaven, love and be

Upper Heaven, love and see

Holy for thee is grace

Open Heaven: grace, love, healing

Father, door, open now

Counsels, Heaven’s love

Open love, Heaven and grace

Burn, burn, love and love

Burn love and bless a nation

The shoes of love

The shoes of grace

Holy is grace and grace

Vision, grace, dreams and love

Open Heaven, burn with love

The new door opens, go in

Purses, purses, grace and grace

Holy grace, blessing, burn

Shoe, shoes, love and love

Open Heaven, connect and do

Cast the word, say the word

Handle, handle blessings with grace

Sow the word, say the word,

See the word…

A wake up, a wake up

God is saying love and love

Word, word, love and love

Love, love, now and do

Love and be in love

Open Heaven, do and see

Love and see them be

Word, word, do and see

Holy, holy, do and love

Holy is love in a nation

Burn and love and love

Merry, merry, grace and love

Given by Papa God, February 23, 2010