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COUNSEL OF GOD; a prophetic poem


Counsel, counsel of God

Herald, herald the love of God

Show, showing heaven’s grace

To reach, love, to reach nations

The love, the love; the height of heights

Fossil, fossil, God’s love comes

Age of heaven, of God, of nations

Well, wells of heaven come now

Torrential love, love and God

Open door, open house, open God

Holy love, nations for God

Search nations and turn them

God is love and God is in you

Love and God and you

Walk the word

Love the nations

Counsel, counsels of God

Upper heaven, grace and God

Age of heaven, God is now

Light, love, God, now

Release and love and love

Search, search, hide in love

Love is God and love is God

Torrential love, torrential love is God

Torrential love, God and thee

Connect, to net, to love

A surrender of you, of God to thee

Open heaven, now love these

To rest, to rest in love is God

Upper heaven, God comes to teach

Upper heaven, upper heaven news of God

Priests and God and nations

Seer, seer, lo and love

Wrestle, wrestle, God and love

Old love, God’s grace

Blend, and blend and love

To wrestle is love, is love, is love

To reach the heights of love is God

Wake Up, love and love

Surrender and love and God

A palace of God is love

Wrestle, upper heaven, love and love

To reach God is love

Love, love commands God

The know of God, the know of heaven

Reckon God in change

Counsel, counsel, God’s command is love

Love is you and love is you and love is you

Given by Papa God, January 13, 2010


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