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Commission- a prophetic poem


Tears, but love

Grace and God and yes, things

Commission, it’s now time to go

Shaking the nations and sendings to nations

Release and bless and change

Priests and kings and love

Commission is now nations

Shut in love and shut yourself in grace

Stream, stream, streams and grace

Cleanse, cleanse nations in love

Tears, but grace in love

Tears, but grace in nations

Upper heaven, mystery, love and God

Connection, connection of nations

Commission and blessing and nations

You’re to go and love and teach

Oh dear, oh dear

Blessings open for thee

Love and lovings you’re to have

Commission to nations is now

Love, release and release

Connect and love and love

Release nations to be in love

Angels, urgent, nations, go in

Tears, but love and grace

Commission, God’s love for these

Tears, oh yes, but love

Release nations; forget and grow

Cuss no, love these

Surrender to love and nations see

Connecting nations to grace and love

Release and love yes; and release and love

Commission; you’re to have, yes, yes

Release and bless and sow

Release God’s nations to grow and grow

Commission you’re to know; forget and do

Grace and love and yes, you

Commission, commission, yes, yes

Priest and blessing and release

Commission; you’re to be in grace

Commission; opens doors, open nations

Abide with love and love

Love is to be in nations now

Release and love and sow

Priests and tears and blessing

Commission; you’re to go

It’s surrender, it’s now, it’s you

Commission: many blessings for you

Commission of heaven for you

Love and go, forget, it’s now

Release nations, go and love

The trestle of God is on the nations

Commission, release grace

Tears, love and grace

Open heaven: God’s mysteries of grace

Releasing; bless and love

Show, show God’s nations love

Angels, commissions, grace

To release kings and change the nation

Seers of love and seers of God

Commission God’s mystery

Grace, God, and you

A seed, a seed of releasing love

Soak, soak, go and be

A soak, a soak, God’s love is now

Upper heaven, love, and you

God’s grace, God’s grace, God’s nations

Commission, abiding, love and you

Shut, shut, go and do

It’s grace, it’s you for God

Upper heaven, grace, tears

Surrender, commission and love

Release and love and see

Release and love and love

Commission, abide in the word

Commission today, you’re to have

Tears and God and blessing and you

A show of God for you

A secret, a grace, a love

Mercy, love and you

Angels abiding in the house

Commission, love and you

Commission, you and you

The seven, the seed, the house

Relent, release, love

Abide and love and bless

A sower, a sower of nations

Seed blessing nations

Intense love and love and God

Upper heaven, release nations

Tears and God for you

Love for these, love for you

Yes, grow in the house

Grow in the nation

Receive grace for nations

Upper heaven, tears of heaven

A show of heaven for nations

Love and God, for you

Given by Papa God, December 26, 2009


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