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“untitled”, a prophetic poem

King and kings and love and kings

Second nation, second nations

Carry love, carry grace

Age of God’s love for these

To rest in love is to rest in God

It’s God’s nations, God change

Angels, mercy, love

Counsel, counsels of heaven

Love and God and love is love

Leaven, leaven, mercy, angels

Angels working nations

Leaven; go, sow God’s love

Love nations, love and prophesy and love

It’s love for God’s mercy

It’s visions, it’s nations, it’s nations

Seven, leaven, God, blessing

Angels, mercy, mercy, mercy

Upper heaven, mercy, God and yes

Upper heaven, new love and God

Angels, upper heaven; love and love

Prophesy: upper heaven, upper heaven

Levels of heaven, grace and you

Levels and levels of heaven

Reckon and love and send and love

Relent, love and love

Angels, mysteries, mysteries, nations

Upper heaven, love, kings, you

Send kings, send nations

Love nations, nations, nations

The angels, the angel, the king

Open secrets of nations

Odor, odor, no love

God loves nations, you are to do

Leaven, no; love and love

Love nations, love mercy

Oh rest in love and love nations

Oh release and love and bless

Angels working nations for you

Send and love and love

Adorn, adorn nations with love

Leaven no; love nations

Upper heaven, love and grace

Angels, love and nations

Love nations, nations

Love the nations

Release nations, bless nations

The odor is love for nations

Leaven, leaven; kings go now

Reign, reign, love in God

Upper heaven; near, near, now

Trust, and love and love God

The ocean knows grace and love

Leaven, no; love nations

Leaven; you’re to send love to nations

Angels, mercies, grace, visions

Counsels of heaven now come

Near God’s love, near nations

Seven, seven; mystery in love

Release and love and bless

God is in the sowing of love

Upper heaven; bless nations in love

Haste, haste, go, love

It’s love, forget and bless

Turn, turn, change, love

Second, second nations now

Tears, go, love them

Tarry, tarry; to sow the word

Kings of God, kings of love

Upper heaven; love and God

A terrorist no; love is heaven

Angels; upper heaven grace

Seven, seven, it’s blessing in nations

Herald, herald, the grace of God

Sow the way of God’s grace

Upper heaven; change, change and change

Seven, seven, mystery and grace

Call of God; call to know, call to see

It’s seven, it’s seven, it’s seven today

Upper heaven, seven; it’s nations of blessing

Given by Papa God, December 14, 2009

The City; a prophetic poem


Counsel, counsel, love counsel

Leaven, leaven, no: love nations

Leaven, leaven, no: love nations

Leaven, no: grace and love

Stand and love and love

Father and bless and love

Love and love and grace

Upper heaven: love and love

Upper heaven, the city of God

Ache, ache for nations

Love them, love nations

Angels, grace and love

Angels, upper heaven, secrets and God

Cush, Cush, Cush, love them

Cush, Cush, Cush, love these nations

Holland, Holland, grace and love

Counsels of heaven now come to nations

Turn, love, bless nations

Carry love for nations

Angels, nations, mercies, yes

Knowledge, leaven, grace, blessing

Hand love to nations

Tears, love, grace, love

Upper heaven; grace, now

Dream God and love to nation

Write and love and bless and release

Angels blessing nations now

Seven; great nations, nations, nations

Seer, seer: God’s love sees now

Seven, seven; grace and love

Tears of God for nations

See, see God in nations

Cuss, cuss no; love nation

Tears, new love, blessing

Seer, seers, mystery, love

Angels, mercies, new love

Counsels, grace, counsels, mysteries

Kings, love, missions, nations

Shun this, love nations

Angels, mysteries, new love

A seer, a seal, a seer

Upper heaven; levels of mysteries

Stand, stand, love nations

A seer, a seer, a saving

The open heaven, the door of God

Leaven no; love mercies

Secret leaven: no, bless the nations

Second, second, seconds of grace

Commission: love the nations

Upper heaven, it’s time for mystery grace to come

Kings, blessings, mysteries, mysteries

Stand to know the way of God

Angels: news, news, news

Angels: here, there, now

The shower shows love and grace

God loves and knows nations

Given by Papa God, December 14, 2009