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Archive for November 29, 2009

The King is now come; a prophetic poem




Blending love and love

It’s love and love in God

Love is God and love is love

The love of God for you


Love is for you

The love of God for thee

Love is for you and thee

Love is a thing for things


God is love; you’re to know it’s God

Oh the king is now to come

The love of God is now today

It’s time to come for this nation


Dream and love and love

The way of God is grace and love

Descend, descend; love is to be in thee

Love, you’re to be in God


Release God’s love for these you see

Men, men, love God

Show love to nations; love

God sends news of love


Love and love and you

It’s you for God and you

Mercy and love and God

Oh love for these nations


Tears of God, loving nation

Harden no, love these

Connection, priests of God

Upper heaven, now love nations


Release and love and bless

Oh love the nation

Tears of God for a nation

Love the nation



Given by Papa God, November 24, 2009