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“Wishing”, a prophetic poem



Wishing, wish, wish, wishing

Level; love, love, level

Upper heaven; love is on the house

It’s love, it’s love, it’s yes!


It’s love, love, God’s love

Prophesy love and love

Upper heaven; mysteries of heaven

The heaven, the secret, and the God


Upper heaven mercy, upper heaven secret

It’s love, priests, God

Releasing words and love

The mercy of heaven comes: love


The trestle of heaven

Upper heaven, loving nations

Mercy, priests, heaven

The word, the visit, the house


Addition of heaven, addition of God

God loves you, you and yes, yes

Love he is, yes God is love

Mercy, blessing, increasing


Living, living in the heaven’s grace

Love is God; you are in the way

It’s love in love in love

Upper heaven; love is for you


Make up; love them, release it

Upper heaven comes on thee

To rest in love is love in you

Upper heaven love is for you


Priests, God’s love things

Open heaven’s love for these

Us and love and you

Upper heaven, new love


It’s love, priests of God

Upper heaven; love is in thee

Mercy, mysteries, things of love

Upper heaven, it’s new in thee


Make up, go in love

Love is God in you

Direction,, love in you

Release, and do the blessing


It’s love for you

It’s love in thee

Open heaven love for you

Selling love, selling love, share love


Upper heaven; God is now for you

Love, God, love, you

You, you, upper heaven’s grace

Priests of God love and love


Oh love is love costing heaven

Upper love, love, love

Rest in love, it’s love you see

Upper heaven love for these


Given by Papa God, November 19, 2009

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