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The Way of God is love; a prophetic poem

It’s love, it’s God, it’s love

Oh love, it’s God’s love

The way of God, loving nations

Oh love is love and God is; yes


Upper heaven, now it’s time

It’s love, it’s you for a nation

Open heaven, open now

Love is God’s mystery


Love is the way of heaven

Upper heaven secrets of God

Oh love is the way of heaven

Upper heaven, love, visitation


Leaven, leaven

Upper heaven now come

Love is the secret of the heaven

It’s heaven’s love, great nations


Upper heaven turning a nation

Certain secret, certain nation

Love opens a nation

Priests, grace, God


Upper heaven, mystery of healing

The mystery of God; upper heaven

Angels, mysteries, upper heaven

Open house, love and heights


Least leaders, least nations

Angels, upper heaven comes to them

Odor of God, loving a nation

Open heaven, upper heaven


Open heaven, priests and love

Odor of God, kings and blessing

Open heaven, upper heaven

The way of God loves a nation


Release this secret to a nation

Angels, upper heaven secrets

Priests, blessings, mysteries

Mysteries, teachers, loving nations


Priests, mysteries, love

Upper heaven, priests of heaven

Release and love these you know

Repent, release and love


Prophecy opens secrets

Mercy, upper heaven

Angels opening nations

The way of heaven is love


Open and love

The water of heaven you see

The wrestle of heaven is now

Releasing blessings and love


Sown, sown, God’s love for these

Upper heaven, seasons of love

Raising love, sowing God

It’s loving, it’s God, it’s secrets


Release and release and see

Soaking, blessing, knowing

A tent of love

A tent of heights


Priests and love and love

Upper heaven, mercy of heaven

What you know is knowing love

Time, love, yes


Upper heaven, upper heights

Release and love and see

And love and know and see

The priests see love


Sow and love and sow

The island of God opens now

The Paris grace, the Paris love

Love is for this seed


Oh love is now on this seed

Mighty is love for this

Oh release and love and see

Many things love comes to


Odor, odor, grow in love

Upper heaven, purse of love


Given by Papa God, November 18, 2009

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