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Nation of love

Nation of love


Ache, ache, ache

Love is love

Love and love is love

It’s love and God; yes


It’s train and love and love

Upper heaven blessing a nation

Love is on the nation

Upper heaven; now love this change


Upper heaven; mystery of heaven

Upper heaven; mystery of heaven

Aide of God love the nation

Love and love this nation


Pray, pray, heavens love

Angels open, angels come

Upper heaven, love and love

And love and God and you


Releasing mysteries of heaven

Upper heaven; love and love

Upper heaven; love and God

It’s love, it’s God for yes


Sit in the heaven of grace

Love is the nation whose God is love

Upper heaven, upper heaven, love and God

Mystery, love mystery


Up, up to God’s love

Upper heaven, upper heaven ,soaking in love

Upper heaven; love and God

Arise, arise; upper heaven, arise


Mercy, blessing, mystery

Cuss, cuss, no; love

Upper heaven; love and love

Release blessing; must love


A region of love, a region of heaven

Release love and love in love

Sow love and love

Suck, sucking up grace


Attend; upper heaven grace

Upper heaven; love is love

Upper heaven; sow the way of heaven

Upper heaven; new love and love


Light, love, love

Upper heaven ,love for you

Oh love and love for you

Reach up, grow and love


Stay up, love now

Leaven, leaven; love and bless

Upper heaven; mighty love

Grace, nation, now


Assemble, assemble; love the nation

Love this change

And love this nation

Upper heaven sees a nation


It’s time you know God now

Love and love and yes

It’s love, it’s yes my love

Release this change in love


Open heaven; love and love

Holy God loves a nation

Reckon, reckon, God loves nations

Oh love this nation


The seal opens for you

Open heaven; love your seed

Son, The Son loves your seed

Mystery, love, upper heaven


Upper heaven, love, yes

Release and stay in God

Mystery, grace; love mystery

Prayer is love in thee


Moan, moan, love the seed

Upper heaven, blessing your nation

Priests of God ,come now

Waters, fathers, love your nation


The way of love is you

It’s love in thee for these

Listen, love opens a nation

Upper heaven is now on these


Given by Papa God, November 17, 2009

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