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“No more cussing”, a prophetic word, by Michael and Angela Lee

“NO MORE CUSSING” — A PROPHETIC WORD Scriptures: Genesis 27:1-33, Proverbs 18:21, Matthew 12:34-37, James 3:8-11

As the Kingdom of Heaven is increasing its impact on planet earth, God is in the midst of shaking the world’s system, the affairs of nations and the Body of Christ. In the days to come, there will be judgments enacted from Heaven towards countries, empires, individuals, and families. However, judgment does not always mean something devastating or permanent. It can mean the beginning of restoration and abundant life. We must remember that our God, even in judgment, seeks for mercy and new beginnings. But why the judgment? We have steadily become a culture which does not properly weigh the powerful effect of our outspoken words. One of the most important issues of our time that must be judged is the issue of our words. Words are things which can bring life, joy, encouragement, peace, as well as sadness, anger and defeat to billions of people. The bible says “death and life are in the power of the tongue”. During these recent times we have witnessed the tragedy of ‘tongues gone amok’. There is such a carelessness of spoken words within our culture and even in the body of Christ that has reached up to Heaven as a foul odor lurking before Papa God. In this atmosphere of irreverence, God is preparing this season to judge, expose and shake. In some cases, it will mean adjustments for repentance and blessing. In other cases, the judgment may mean a shutting down of institutions and people of great influence in the nations. The Body of Christ, the Church, will not be exempt from this time of heavenly correction. ‘Judgment begins in the house of God’. As children of God, we will be called to evaluate more than ever the words we speak and the motives behind them. Let’s try asking ourselves the following questions. As preachers of the Gospel, has slander filled our tongues regarding other leaders within Christendom whose denomination, style and worship does not agree with ours? Are we tongue lashing our children, or spouses? Are we destroying their self-confidence? Are we declaring good things in their future? Are we speaking positive confessions in their lives? Are our wagging shamelessly our opinions regarding fellow saints in the Church? Are our words causing others around us to dislike the leadership and withdraw their support? And what about the leadership outside the church: the Mayor, the Governor? Whether we realize it or not, the Church is a prophetic community left on earth by Jesus Christ to reflect His image and speak God’s love into the bareness of a sin cursed world. Prophetic leadership, especially, has a holy task of declaring God’s spoken word with power and love. A lack of love, laced with truth in prophetic ministry is hurting the heart of God and has become like running pus before Heaven, emanating a foul stench in the nostril of God. There is a harvest coming from the words that we have spoken over ourselves, our loved ones, our pastors, legislators, our bosses and even the neighbors we hardly know. But our loving Father is calling for a hearty repentance and restoration. Every time we voice our negative opinion, it floats out into the spirit world and it accumulates and grows ultimately into a curse. Get others to join you in its declaration and it grows faster bigger; the bigger it grows…the stronger the curse. Did you realize these negative words were curses? We cuss without the use of the four-lettered profane words. Yes, Christians can cuss. For example, there’s a lot of negative opinions floating around today from believers about the nation they live in. Do we obey the holy scripture that says we ought to “pray for them who have rule over us?” Or do we ask God to ‘damn’? As American Christians we should speak blessings over this nation and its leaders in our prayers and conversations. Do we ask God to bless the President and illuminate his eyes with the Godly wisdom he desperately needs, or do we speak curses over him and his administration because his appearance or party affiliation does not agree with ours? And what about loving our neighbor as ourselves? Do we take the time to bless one who is an immigrant or stranger in the midst of our cities? Or do we grumble under our breath to God because of ‘those people’ moving in and buying up the block? Whatever your citizenship, you can ask yourself the same questions. Examples can go on and on about negative words we speak about situations, the workplace, the home, our spouses and children, (especially in their absence). But the truth is what we do speak affects the atmosphere and the people we talk about. What we speak over the next generation, whether it’s the final one or not, will affect them and the prosperity of the church and the nations. Remember the power of the blessing which both Jacob and Esau sought from the mouth of their father, Isaac? Are our words speaking prophetically regarding a great future that Christ has in store for them? Or do we speak low of them because of their dress code, language or attitude? The last days ‘Elijah ministry’, (Malachi 4:5-6) brings reconciliation between fathers and children. God has given to this emerging generation of leaders a great opportunity in these days to stop the power of the curse from flowing further into the lives of nations, if we speak loving words, not cussing words. I sense Papa God is urgently calling from Heaven a ‘cease and desist’ order regarding hurtful words which we have all spoken from time to time. A judgment over what has been spoken is on the way, during this season which will bring many to tears and some in high places to sad exposure. But for all, it can be the beginning to a new invitation of life and restoration. There are two wells which God asks us to choose from, one of blessing and the other of cursing. May he graciously help us all to choose the well of blessing and to be his vessels of honor in these last days.

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