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Upper Heaven; a prophetic poem




Bring God in now

Up in love

It’s time for this thing

It’s love, it’s now you are to come


Upper heaven, now abide

Upper heaven, up, up, now

Upper heaven here and now

It’s love, it’s yes, it’s God


Upper heaven, now, come now

It’s here, it’s love, it’s you

It’s you opening heaven

It’s love, it’s God…you


Up and now and love and you

Up in heaven you are to see

Wrestle up, and love them

Love and love for these now


Up in God, now to be

It’s love for these to be

You’re to know God in God

Up in God, and love these


Up in God, yes now

Upper, upper heavens come now

Upper heavens you’re to know

Upper heavens you’re to know


Upper heavens here and there

It’s you, it’s you in love

It’s love opening love

Upper heavens, upper heavens


You are to come

Love; upper heavens

It’s love here and there

It’s love in thee and you


Yes, hope, love, love

Love and love you

Up in God you’re seeing here and there

You’re to go; you’re to know God in love


Utter cussing, no love

Wrecking nations in this and this

Upper heavens come now to this

The heaven now comes to this


Utter, upper heaven

Love, upper heaven

Upper heaven now comes

Upper heaven now comes, yes


Cuss?   You’re to love them

Love nations in love

Deal love in a nation

Upper heaven you’re to see


Rest in love, in love

It’s love here and there

Hosting, hosting, nations you see

Up in God, you see


Wrestle and love

Leaven no, God is; cuss not

Utter upper heaven you see

Love, love and God


It’s time you see in this house

Upper heavens open, see?

See God in nations

And see God in you


Open heaven here and now

It’s you, it’s love, it’s love

It’s receiving, it’s releasing, it’s love

Abide and bless and see


It’s love, oh God is

Dress in God in love

Surrender, open the man of love

Up in God, you see


Arrest, arrest now, you see

Wrestle, wrestle God; love you

Up in love, up in love

Lighting, light, loves love


Bless, love and love

And love and God and yes

Upper heaven, upper heaven

Cuss not; in God is love


You’re to love, you’re to go and know

Upper heaven loves you and you

Upper heaven, you’re to know God

Upper heaven, you’re to know here and there


God sees nations

Love and love and love

It’s love and love and yes

It’s love and love for you


Ascend, ascend to God

You’re to love nations in love

Why, why this house in nations?

Upper heavens come now today


Open heaven, open now

It’s time for things to stir

It’s love, it’s things of you and you

Upper heaven you’re to see


Abide and see in love in you

Abide and love things in thee

You and God and you

Upper heaven; see in God


Given by Papa God, October 24, 2009



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