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Upper Heaven; a prophetic poem




Bring God in now

Up in love

It’s time for this thing

It’s love, it’s now you are to come


Upper heaven, now abide

Upper heaven, up, up, now

Upper heaven here and now

It’s love, it’s yes, it’s God


Upper heaven, now, come now

It’s here, it’s love, it’s you

It’s you opening heaven

It’s love, it’s God…you


Up and now and love and you

Up in heaven you are to see

Wrestle up, and love them

Love and love for these now


Up in God, now to be

It’s love for these to be

You’re to know God in God

Up in God, and love these


Up in God, yes now

Upper, upper heavens come now

Upper heavens you’re to know

Upper heavens you’re to know


Upper heavens here and there

It’s you, it’s you in love

It’s love opening love

Upper heavens, upper heavens


You are to come

Love; upper heavens

It’s love here and there

It’s love in thee and you


Yes, hope, love, love

Love and love you

Up in God you’re seeing here and there

You’re to go; you’re to know God in love


Utter cussing, no love

Wrecking nations in this and this

Upper heavens come now to this

The heaven now comes to this


Utter, upper heaven

Love, upper heaven

Upper heaven now comes

Upper heaven now comes, yes


Cuss?   You’re to love them

Love nations in love

Deal love in a nation

Upper heaven you’re to see


Rest in love, in love

It’s love here and there

Hosting, hosting, nations you see

Up in God, you see


Wrestle and love

Leaven no, God is; cuss not

Utter upper heaven you see

Love, love and God


It’s time you see in this house

Upper heavens open, see?

See God in nations

And see God in you


Open heaven here and now

It’s you, it’s love, it’s love

It’s receiving, it’s releasing, it’s love

Abide and bless and see


It’s love, oh God is

Dress in God in love

Surrender, open the man of love

Up in God, you see


Arrest, arrest now, you see

Wrestle, wrestle God; love you

Up in love, up in love

Lighting, light, loves love


Bless, love and love

And love and God and yes

Upper heaven, upper heaven

Cuss not; in God is love


You’re to love, you’re to go and know

Upper heaven loves you and you

Upper heaven, you’re to know God

Upper heaven, you’re to know here and there


God sees nations

Love and love and love

It’s love and love and yes

It’s love and love for you


Ascend, ascend to God

You’re to love nations in love

Why, why this house in nations?

Upper heavens come now today


Open heaven, open now

It’s time for things to stir

It’s love, it’s things of you and you

Upper heaven you’re to see


Abide and see in love in you

Abide and love things in thee

You and God and you

Upper heaven; see in God


Given by Papa God, October 24, 2009


“The seat”; a prophetic poem

The seat, the seat; who is it?

It’s word, it’s love, it’s my change

The blessing, the word, the seat

You are loved, you are sent, you are to be


The blessing, the blessing; key, key, change

The blessing is now to show, oh show

The doing, the blessing, the new day

Doors and doors you will see open today


God and generation, God and change

The blessing, the new change

God answers you now

The blessing, oh the blessing, the blessing


God and you and might

You’re loved to be

And you’re loved to be

Oh blessing, blessing, change the seat


Given by Papa God, December 29, 2008

DC; a prophetic poem




It’s time

It’s time, but it’s time

God’s love, God’s love

Gather, gather, to be


God’s love, God’s love today

It’s time for this to be

God’s love for this day

It’s day, it’s day, DC


It’s time angels come

It’s time angels come

It’s time they come

They come to this city


It’s day, it’s time for this to be

It’s time for this to see

God’s love is on this city

And this city is DC


Given by Papa God, February 28, 2009

“Heaven is healing”, a prophetic poem



Aid, aid heals now

Will, willing love

Release healing, love and love

Open heaven, healing love


It’s an open heaven; heal, heal

Love, heal, love and see

It’s love, it’s God healing nations

Release God, release healing


Cussing no: love, love

Sell love and grace and love

Open heaven healing love

It’s love healing nations


Early love, early love

Cut, cut, heal, love

Aid love, aid heaven

Up, up, God is in love


Able, able; love is healing

Up, up, love is

Love heals, love yes

Love yes; heal and yes


‘Maze, amazing grace; yes, love

Aid, aid, healing love

Early angels, early love

Odor, odor, cuss not


Bible, bible: healing love

Grow, grow, neighbor love

Cut, cut, heal, love

Oh heal, heaven heals


Oh healing, heaven heals

Level, levels of healing

Aid, aid, heaven heals

Relent; keep love in nations


Carry, carry, carry the love

Carry healing, carry love

Cuss not, heal, love nations

Wrestle, cuss no, love

Cuss not love

Open heaven, healing love

Love healing, love healing

Wail, wail; love heals


Second, seconds: healing love

Carry love, carry God

Carry love, carry nations

Cut, cut, heal and love


Heaven cuts and heals

Heaven heals you and you

Love heals a nation

Healing love, healing secrets


Cut, cut, heal and love

It’s love, healing of healings

Carry, carry, healing and love

Open heaven, heaven heals


Moaning, moan, moan, moan

Up, up God is

Love heals God is in a nation

Relent, cut and love


Cut and love your nation

Hell, hell no; love

Love heals hope and love

Reckon, reckon healing in nations


Oh ripple, ripples of love and love

Tease, tease, hope comes now

Cut, cut; love is in a nation

Hell, no; God’s love sees


Oh here, oh now, oh here

Oh love, oh love, oh here

Cut; love heals a nation

Release God and seize love


Odor no: cuss not

Hold love, hold God

It’s love, open heavens

Healing you and nations


Higher, higher, love comes now

Lay in love, lay in God

It’s time…healing a nation

Utter hope comes, you see


Way, way; open nation

Wrestle, wrestle; open heaven

Raising healing, healing, healing

Odd, no, it’s love


God sees, yes, yes

Oh love heals a nation

Higher, God is love

God heals you of this


Oh, oh, oh; God is love

It’s love, it’s you, it’s love

Of this, of that; the word is entering

Oh healing and healing and healing


Raising healings, healings, healing

Oh love and love and love

Raise, raise healing love

Odor, odor: cuss not


Wailing no; oh love and love

Oh love is in this and this

Oh love is in this and this

Love is in God and thee


Oh love is in God and thee

Rest, rest; open heaven

God is here and now

Herald, herald: the nations, open heaven


God is here, and you

Heirs, heirs; God is seeing the heir


Odor, odor: not love

Open heaven now comes

Love nations, love nation

Open heaven, open nation


Ripple, ripples of nations

Odor, odor, odor: cuss not

Love, cuss not!

It’s love, open heaven


Open heaven, open house

It’s love connecting nation

Purge, burn; open heaven

Open heaven, abide now


Oak, oak, cuss not now

Oh cuss not this love

A God of healing is entering nation

Open heaven, healing nations


Aid, aid God’s nation

Esther, Esthers, nations hear

God hears, nations come

Relent and love and see


And love and know it’s love

Oh love and love and be

Cut not God’s nation

God sees nations in love


Wrestle; oh love and be

Oh raising healing love

Oh blessing nations; it’s nations

Oh healing nations, you see


Oh release now healing

Oh angels come to nations

Cut and love and see

Relent, cuss not, and do


Purge, love, sell love

God heals nations and nations

Oh love is a secret of God

Oh love is a seed of God


Ache, ache, cuss not

It’s cussing, no love

Sow love and love and God

Hearken, hearken to God and love


Ache, ache: God sees this thing

Open heavens come today

Aching, aching is love, is love

Oh love is hosting the nations


A drizzle, a drizzle

God is healing nation

Hosting here, hosting nations

Hosting healings of God


Oh wrestle, wrestle; God is healing

Drip, drip, drip

Go, go, go and see love

Oh love the nations and see nations


Oh hearken, hearken to God

Aid, aid is God to nations

Surreal, surreal is this change

It’s now God and love for you


Wrestle and heal and see

Oh love these you see

God’s season of love

Father is God and love is love


Release and love and love

It’s love, it’s God for you

God is healing nations now

Love is in your seed


Ho, ho, hosting the time

God sees you and thee

See the nations deep in love

Release, go and see now


Wrest, wrestle, hold and love

Wait and see; God is in thee

God sees nations in nations

It’s love, it’s God; releasing healings


Cut, love, cut now

It’s love you see in nation

It’s aid, it’s God for thee

Ocean; open heaven


Oh healing, healing nations

The odor is love and love

What you see is now God

Oh love and love; God’s season


Given by Papa God, October 19, 2009

untitled love poem

Aching, aching, aching

Esther, Esther, Esthers

It’s connection, it’s healing

It’s love


It’s hell, no; love

Love and love and release a nation

Love, love, nations, nations

It’s surrender, it’s love, it’s you


Wrestle, wrestle

Heal, go, love, be

Love, love, you’re to shut

Heal, love


Herald, herald, love’s change

Relent, host and love

Relent and go and be

It’s love, it’s connecting, it’s yes


Urging, healing; key, key, key

It’s time, it’s love, it’s yes

Cuss, cuss; God’s love, love, love

Urge, urge love


Love shuts nations in God

And love shuts you in love

Love, love, sell, sell

It’s God, it’s yes, yes, yes


Soaking, hosting, healing

Heal; God is and God is

Cussing is not love

Hurt no; go, love, love


Oh love and love; yes

Love heals and loves and sees

Love heals and yes, you see

Hosting open heavens


Wrestle, wrestle not

Love comes to you

Holy God is, yes

Love is you and love is yes


Given by Papa God, October 15, 2009

What if? Prayers, love and letters to the President

There is no harder job in this world, perhaps, than being the President of the United States and leader of the free world..

Even if we don’t agree on some, or most, or all of his policies it is our duty as Christians to pray for Mr and Mrs. Obama and our government..

What if, Every Christian leader, layman, or believer sent a card, letter, or email to the white house just to say ,”Mr President, we ( or family, our church, our denomination)love you and bless you  in the Name of Jesus Christ, and we are praying for you” 


What if we stuffed the white house mailbag with such a show of love it will touch his heart?


Think about it

“No more cussing”, a prophetic word

“No more cussing”, a prophetic word


Scriptures:  Genesis 27:1-33, Proverbs 18:21, Matthew 12:34-37, James 3:8-11


As the kingdom of heaven is increasing its impact on planet earth and the affairs of nations, God is in the midst of   shaking the world’s system and the Body of Christ.  In the days to come there will be judgments enacted from Heaven towards kingdoms, individuals, families and nations. Judgment does not always mean something devastating or permanent.  It can mean the beginning of restoration and abundant life. We must remember that Our God, even in judgment seeks for mercy and new beginnings


One of the important issues of our time that God will touch on in this hour is the issue of our words. We have steadily become a culture which does not properly weigh the effect of spoken words over ourselves as well as others.  Words are things which can bring life, joy, encouragement as well as sadness, anger and defeat in the lives of billions. Death and life are in the power of the tongue.


Our times have witnessed the tragedy of tongues gone amok.  There is a carelessness of spoken words within our culture as well as the Body of Christ, which has reached up to heaven like as a foul odor before  Papa God.  In this atmosphere of irreverence, God is preparing in this season to judge, expose and shake.  In some cases,  it will mean adjustments for repentance and  blessing. In other cases, the judgment may mean a shutting down of institutions and people of great influence in the nations.


The Body of Christ, the Church will not be exempt from this time of heavenly correction. As children of God, we will be called to evaluate more than ever the words we speak and the motives behind them. Are our words regarding a President or king of the land ones of blessing and love?  Are our mouths wagging shamelessly regarding leaders, and fellow saints within the Body of Christ? As preachers of the Gospel has slander filled our tongues regarding other leaders within Christendom whose denomination, style and worship does not agree with ours?


Whether we realize it or not, the Church is a prophetic Community left on earth by Jesus Christ to reflect his image and speak God’s love into the bareness of a sin cursed world. Prophetic leadership, especially, has a holy task of declaring God’s spoken word with power and love. A lack of love, laced with truth in prophetic ministry is hurting the heart of God and has become like running pus before heaven.


There is a harvest coming over the words that we have spoken over ourselves as well as others and a loving God is calling for Repentance and restoration.  How do we as Believers feel about the nations we live in here on planet Earth?  For example, do I as an American Christian speak blessing over my nation in my prayers and conversation, or do I ask God to ‘damn’ it. You may be a citizen of a place such as South Africa, Canada, or Australia for example and you can ask yourself that same question. Do I ask God to bless the President, for example and illuminate his eyes for the Godly wisdom he desperately needs, or do I speak curses over him and his administration because his appearance or party affiliation does not agree with me? Do we take the time to bless one who is an immigrant or stranger in the midst of our cities? Or do we grumble under our breaths to God because of ‘those people’?


We can go on and on about words spoken about our spouses and children, even when they are not in our presence.  Not to mention the opposite sex, our friends or our parents. But the truth is what we do speak affects the atmosphere and the person we are talking about. What we speak over the next generation, whether they are the final one or not will affect them and the prosperity of the church and the nations.  Keep in mind the power of the blessing which both Jacob and Esau were awaiting from the mouth of their father, Isaac. Are our words speaking prophetically regarding a great future Christ has in store for them? Or do we speak low of them because of their dress, clothing or ‘attitude’?  The  last days Elijah ministry brings reconciliation between fathers and children. God has given to an emerging generation of leadership a great opportunity in these days to stop the power of the curse from flowing further into the lives of nations


I sense Papa God is  urgently calling from Heaven an  cease and desist order regarding the hurtful words which we have all spoken from time to time. A judgment over what has been spoken is on the way during this season which will bring many to tears and some to high places sad exposure, but for all of it can be the beginning to a new invitation to life and restoration. There are two wells which God asks for us to choose, one of blessing and the other of cursing. May he graciously help us all to choose the well of blessing and be his vessels of honor in these last days.

God is aching; a prophetic poem



Aching, aching, heaven comes

Aching, aching, heaven comes

Open heaven, God is love

And God is love


Odor, odor; love and love

Love odor, love yes

Oh love is a love for nations

Oh the odor is God; love and love


Oh odor, odor; love, love

It’s love, it’s you and love

It’s love and thee and you

Odor, odor; God is love


Oh sell love and love and love

Sell love and love to see

Love heals nations, yes

Oh love heals nations, yes


Ghost, ghost, heals; love

Odor, odor, God’s love heals

Time, time; God is love

It’s love; cuss not!  Love


Ache, ache, heaven comes now

Say, say love in nations

Odor, odor; not love

God says love now, love now


Love, cuss not

Oh love your house

Love your city

Love your seed


Aching, aching, heaven comes now

Separate, separate; you’re to have love

Odor, odor; God’s love comes now

Lesson, God, lesson, now


Trestle, trestle; love, love

Oh love, God’s love

Oh God loves nations

Oh love nations


Oh door, door; love nations

Oh love nations, love

Love nations, love yes

Let, let, love, love


Love nations, love height

Oh odor, odors; love heights

Oh, ho, ho, love yes

Love sees, love yes


It’s God, it’s love, it’s yes

Let, let love come now

Odor, odor; it’s God hosting love

Join, join; heal and love


Ache, ache; release and God

Raise, raise; hope and love

Oh ho, heal and love

Oh love, oh God, Oh yes


Gust, gust; it’s love in nations

Let, let, healing come

Oh let, let healing come

Reck…reckon love in nations


Odor, odor; it’s love each day

Odor, odor; love heals things

Ache, ache; heaven now connects

Lo, lo, it’s love and love


Ghost, ghost, king, kings

Oh ballot, ballot, ballot

Oh love heals now; come

Odor, odor; connect love


Odor of love

It’s love here and now

Love; cuss not

Cut, cut not this love


Oh cut not love and God

Oh gust, love wind

Waking nations and nations

Love; cussing not love


Gather love and nations

Fashion, fashion, it’s love and heights

It’s love and love and God

Odor, odor, love now


The odor; cussing

It’s not this nation

It’s now love of nations

Urge, urging love and love


Aching, aching; God is now

Love heavens, love healings

Odor, odor, hosting healings

Oh God heals you and nations


Oh cuss, cuss not now

Tell, tell God’s healing love

Oh gather love, healing love

Cut, cut, love heals


Holy God love you

Oh wrestle and love and do

Second, second, love now

Each nation, come now


Aching, aching; love comes

Oh God loves you, love you

Oh love heals; now love

Oh odor, odor; God’s love comes


Ache, ache, ache, ache

Love comes now, yes

Aching, aching connections come

One, one thing; God is love


Given by Papa God, October 16, 2009

Love and Cuss not; a prophetic poem




Love, cuss not

Wail, God’s love, wail

It’s love, oh love, oh God

It’s love, cuss not


It’s love, cut not

It’s love, cut not

It’s love and love

Love and God


It’s surrender

It’s you, it’s love

Wreck, wreck, wreck

Love is love


Cuss no, love this

Love these, love yes

Utter God, love nations

Love nations, love God


Rest, rest, love and God

Oh God and love and yes

Oh love and love and God

It’s love for God’s nations


Ho, love, ho, love, ho, love

Watch God love and love

Love and God and you

And love and you and God


Ward, ward of God

It’s love they see

It’s love that’s in these

Cuss not love, God is this


Odor, odors, holy love

Barren no, love heals

Ho, love, ho, love

It’s love God is and you are love


Open heaven healing nation

Leaven, God, love nation

It’s love, open heaven

Open heaven, healing nations


Open heaven, healing nations

Aid nations, aid neighbors

Real love, real God

It’s God for you, it’s God for nations


It’s surrender, it’s nations, it’s nations

The odor, no love

God is here, there in thee

Odd, odd?  No, it’s love


It’s love, it’s God and yes, you

Rain: lo, lo, God’s love

Honor, honor comes to nations

Oh blessings, healings, neighbors, hope


Release open heavens, open heavens

Oh blessing, healing kings

Oh it’s love, open heaven

Cut, God is cutting this and this


Aid, aid, cuss not

Oh love opens nations

Cuss, love, cuss, love

Love is healing nations


Oh blessing, healing doing nation

Aching; open heavens

It’s love; it’s love

Love your seed


Odor: utter cussing

Oh bless the word

Bless nations, oh love the nations

Relent and love and see


Love is in thee

It’s love; cussing, no

God sees nations in these

Wail, wail, love come


Cuss not; love and God see

It’s love healing; new nations

Blessing, open heaven

Abiding, healing; cuss not


Oh blend and love and love

It’s love in grace and God’s healing

Oh love and bless your seed

Cuss not, God’s love


Given by Papa God, October 19, 2009

Love and God, a prophetic poem




They say love, not love

God is searching nations for love

Open heaven, open heaven

It’s love, it’s love God is


Seer, seer, love God

Oh love God, love yes

Love yes, love they

Bless, bless, nations now


Wrestle not, bless and love

Oh love and God and bless

Odor, odor, not love

Odor, love, odor, love


Ache, ache, he sees things

Odor is cussing

Odor is here and there

Odor is there and now


Ache, ache, ache

The word loves now

Wrestle no; love

Love nations and love things


Up, up now; love

Love hears a nation

Amazing love, amazing love

Oh love and love and love


It’s love and God and seize love

Praise, praise; love, love

It’s love for you and love for these

Odor love, odor here, there, love


Able, able, love is

Ache, ache; God’s love hears this

Aid, aid for you, it’s God

Oak, oak, cuss now


Oh go, go, go

Oak, oak, cuss not love

Odor love, host love

Aide, aide; God is love


Odor, odor; love your nation

Cuss not God’s love

Oh love and love and love

Show God’s love, nation


Oak, oak; no, no

Gust, gust, love wind

Tote, toe; love in a nation

Pray, pray God, love


Cut not, love nation

Tote, toe, love nation

Love, love God’s nation

Love heals nations


Odor, odor; no love

Love nations, love yes

Wrestle, wrestle; love wrestle

Key, key is love and God


Ache, ache; God’s love connects

Railing, railing, oh no

God is love

Odor cussing, odor is not love


Ghost, ghosting heals, love

Relent and bless your house

Release and love and abide

Oak, cuss not


Reek of God and reek of love

The ache, the ache of God

Oak, oak, not love

A deep love; a deep healing


Odor, odor; cuss not now

Ache, ache, love loves

Oh love, love nations, love

Reckon, reckon; God in love


Cuss not, love and God

Receive and love and God

Ache, ache, love comes now

Odor, odors of God


Shut, shut; God is love

Ache, ache, love comes now

Ache, ache, love heals you

Odor, odor, cuss not love


Prophesy God and love

Tent, tension; love God is

Love these, love nations, love here

Odor; now love, it’s love and you


Given by Papa God, October 19, 2009