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The Case; A poem



Vessel, vessel, vessel, vessels

It’s a case of change

Relent, relent, love these now

It’s love for a nation


Aching, ache, ache

Relent, relent, God’s love opens your heart

Relent, connect, God’s love connects

Record, records come and come now


God’s love opens these things

Relent; God’s love is connected to a nation

Love is a way of shaking

It’s a word, it’s a case, it’s a change


The change, the changing, nations are changing

Shake, shake, the time is now to do

Release things, release, shut, release

It’s love shaking change and a nation


And love shakes your church to be

Relent, love and be

Relent, for it’s time for the case to open

The love, the nation, the tent


Regaling hearts, regaling nations

Relent, it’s time for you to bless

Host, host, host things

Host the nation, host the nation


It’s love; relenting, open your heart

Relent, I hear your nation

It’s love, it’s in your nation

It’s time for nations to turn


Records, records, records

Receipt, receipt now comes, receipt

It’s nation, nation, nation

Relay, relay, the times of change


It’s releasing now

It’s love and change

Connect, connecting change and change

The stand, the stand; God’s love comes in


Raising, raising, raising, shaking

The solstice, the solstice is now

Coalition, coalition of grace coalition

The record, the records of nations


The records of change

The records of nations

Gavel, gavel, gavel, gavel

The cuss, the cussing, no cussing


Relay, love, relay, great change

Shut, shut, shut, shut,

Bell, bell, bell, show

Religion, no; now love


Surge, surge, love, surge

And love loves your church

Record, records of nations


The holy nation

The holy change

Railing, love, railing, change

It’s time for you to change


Prophecy, change, love in love

And turn and change and change

Relent, love, change and love

Relay this nation, relay love to the nation


Sight, sight of love

Sight of change

Oh gate, oh gate, love gate

The jealous church, the jealous nation


It’s an ailing church, ailing church

Relations…not love

Relate, relate, now in love

Join, join in love in love


Gavel, gavel, gavels

The choosing of church

The choosing of nation

It’s a word, it’s a wailing, it’s a word


The vigil; pray, love, love

The gust, the gust,

The wind, the going


Records coming up

Records coming

Raising, raising, raising, raising

A raising angel


A record, a record, a record

It’s a son, a son of change     

It’s a son, a son of love

A leveling of this and this


The ocean, the ocean; church, the ocean

A jealous love, a jealous God

Council, counseling open in the house

It’s time now come for the nation


Raising now, raising this, raising change

Raising, raising; it’s now, it’s now, it’s now

Trim, trim, trim, trim

Raising, raising; it’s a nation of change


Locust, locust church, locust house

Shut, change, shut, grow, shut, love

The God of love heals and does

Surging, surging; change is now


The wrest, the wrestle, shaking up

Rock, rock, rock loves God

Must, must, show love

Father, father, father love


God’s love is in the nation

God’s love releases a secret

Shut, shut, shut yourself

Love the church, love the nation


Shut, shut, love is now

And love waking, waking, wake up

Retest, retest and bless

Oh love, God’s love, a nation


It’s grace, it’s change, it’s God

Test, test, love, grace


Shake, wrestle, shake, wrestle

Blending hopes, love, love

Search, searching, church, nation

Shut, love, love, love and love


It’s love; forget and change

It’s love, you’re to love and change

Shake yourself; change today

And God loves change


Show, show, nations change

A great, a greater, love is now

Don’t see?  You see…now love

The hurdle, the hurdles of love


It’s time for church to be

Come, come, come and do and love

Trim, trim, trim, and love

Shut; your doors come today


Blending, releasing grace and abiding

The vassal, the vassals of nations

Receive love, receive love, receive God

Joining nations, joining change


The release, the release of change

Shine in the way, shine up, shine now

And love and love, God’s love


Aching, ace, ache, aching

Receipt, receipt, receipt

Shut, shut; your door opens now

And turn today, to love


The raising of the church

The raising of the nation

Ace, aching, aching, aching

Knock, knocking, knocking


And God loves change now

Step, step in the word of love

Shun, shun, now, jealously

Wonders are there for you


God’s love; it’s time for this

God’s love is turning in thee

God’s love is turning in you

The whistle of nations now comes


And sow and sow and love

Son, son, sons of grace

Seal, secrets are commanded to show


Decision, decisions in the nation are now

Oh jealous nation, God’s love for the nation

It’s love for this change

It’s love for a nation


God’s love; release and see

And see me in thee

It’s love, it’s a love

It’s growing in the nation


Given by Papa God, September 11, 2009

The castle; prophetic poetry



It’s love…the castle

The castle opens and connects

The castle sends love

The castle hears, the castle sees


Connection, release, change

Release, change, love, grace

Love release, love shaking

The word, the word, the nation


Connection, grace; great love and grace

The God of love, the God of show, the God of grace

God sends change and now

Connections, change; God’s love


Relent, love, God’s love tonight

Love, God’s love, you’re to love

Relent, love, love, love

Relent; God’s love changes a nation


Relent, go and blend, and bless

Relent, go and blend and bless

Relent, send love and love

God is sending change and love


God sends your love

God sends your secret

Relent, sow, love, grace and love

The word, the door, the nation


The love, the nation, the change

Relent, God’s love, God’s now, God’s change

Grow, grow, love, love, sow, sow

Show, show, love, love; show love


Shut yourself, love and bless

Sock yourself, shake yourself

Get in and bless and love

Connect, relent, say, love, bless


God change, God love, God change

Rest in love and change

Love is to be in thee and thee

The cuss, the cussing; oh no, no, no


It’s love, it’s love, it’s God

Shake, shake yourself today, and love

Nestle in love; nestle

In grace, nestle in the word


Relent, it’s love, it’s God, it’s God

Connection, change, love…relent

And love and bless and God

Relate, go and love


It’s love, it’s nations, it’s love

Father love, dad bless

And love, and love, and love the seed

It’s love, it’s love for these you see


It’s love, it’s now, it’s shaking change

And God and love and love

It’s love, it’s love

You’re to love the nations


It’s love, it’s love, you’re to love the change

Sisters, sisters, love and bless, sister

Relent, love them, love these

The castle, the castles, they open for a nation


It’s love, it’s blessing, it’s yes

The rut, the rut, no; love, go, send

The castle comes, it comes

It comes in


It’s love increasing

It’s love abiding

The word, the love, the change

The castle honors a nation


Relay love, and love, and grace

It’s love owning love

Rest in love and love, love

Labor, labor, no; rest and love


And love is in the change now

It’s love, burning love

It’s relenting, it’s going, it’s change

Shut yourself; love and love


Stay open, stay changed,

Shut yourself in love

It’s love, it’s in the nation

It’s in the change


It’s love, its time for a nation today

Shut now, shut this, shut that

Relent, love these, love that

Shut, shut; God’s love opens nations


Shut yourself, grow and bless

Wrestle, wrestle; God’s love loves

Many love, many shake, many change

Wrestle, love, wrestle, love, wrestle, love


And God is opening change for thee

Sermon is now love

Relent, relent and bless; change

The mess, the mess, the mess


Love, love, love


It’s waiting, waiting in love

Purge, love; God’s love

Stay yet, stay in, stay on

The setting, the setting, is in nations


Urge you, go now and bless

Foreshow, foreshow; yes, yes, yes

Shot, shot, shot; get out and love

Shut, shut; God’s love connects love


Wrest, wrest, wrestle, wrestle, wrestle

The cuss?  No, love, love, love

And love yet…go now

Relent, relent, own up and bless


The heart goes; yet love, love, love

Wrestle, love, wrestle, God, wrestle, yes

Relay, relay, love to nations

Relay, relay, love to nations


Show, love, love and love

Hasten, hasten, love, hasten

Rebel, rebel; no, grow, love, see

Relent; God’s love for a show in nations


God soaking, God love, God now

Fathers, fathers change now

Rebel, rebel; not now, love

Show, release, change, now


Receipt, receipt, comes now

Shut, shut yet now, now

It’s love, it’s love

It’s love for thee today


Relay, relay God’s love for these you see

Gavel, gavel, gavel

Relay love to these

Roast, roasting; God’s love loves


Curse no…

Curse not…

Curse not this…

Relent, love, love and God


Given by papa God, September 10, 2009