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Run, Run and run; a poem



Releasers, releasers, releasers!

God sends a command for you

God sends a command to do

Oh love and do and go


Oh love releases, love releases you

Herald, heralds of love

Love, love and do!

Releasing and do and do


God do, do and do

God sends you, yes you!

Release and love and go and love

Go, go, go, see and be


Oh love is now for you to do

It’s love, it’s you, it’s yes!

It’s love, it’s love you see

Love you’re to see…


Oh see, see God in change

Prophesy release; love and send

Light, light, nations and yes, see

Oh grow, love and send


It’s love, it’s love you’re to send

Urge, urge, send and love

Prophet, seer: go, send

Urgent, go now and do!


Surge, send, change, love

It’s love, it’s God, now send!


Given by Papa God, August 23, 2009

Send Ways; a prophetic poem



It’s words, it’s grace, it’s God

It’s love…the way

The word, the love heals and loves

Love heals and it’s love


It’s love, it’s a way, it’s a thing

God heals, God sees and does

Love is a secret…my secret

It’s love, it’s God, it’s a shaking


It’s a word, it’s a word, it’s a word

A word, a word; yes, it’s a word

God loves doing and doing

And God sees and sees


It’s love; the purpose is God

Early, early God’s love in change

Release God and love

It’s love: the word, the word, the word


Oh God-words, God-change; yes, yes

Sending words, sending things, sending grace

It’s love you’re to have in this time

And love is now in change, in change



Given by papa God, August 19, 2009

The Rain is come; a prophetic poem



It’s time, it’s love, it’s the word

The word is words of love

Word, word; great love and love

Releasing love as words of grace


Love rests, love rests heals, and loves

Abide, love; open heaven

Love; the word, the word is to abide

Release as words of command


Release words of grace and love

Release change, release your heart, release love

Oh release rain, release grace, release change

It’s time for grace and grace to come


The surge is releasing love

And love increases nations

It’s love releasing love

It’s love, in love, in love


Releasing, releasing; abundant grace

Releasing now, rain and love

Releasing God’s love today: now

Love is come as rain, rain, rain


The word, the word; yes, rain, rain

Releasing a secret of love

Tears of love and love

It’s time for rain; come, come!


Yes, the rain now does come

Rain to do, to abide in love

God sends the rain; change and grace

Rain, God’s love; yes, rain


It’s time, you see; grace and change

The rain is come to your church

The rain is come to your nation

Rain, love, is now come


God is rain and God is rain

Release grace, love, change

Release your love, release your love

It’s time for rain: now time


God, rain, yes, rain

God sends release and grace and change

Release change and love

It’s time you do worship God


It’s time for rain: now, now

God sends rain and change

God sends love, resting love

God sends the tent to do and to do


Riling?  No…love show!

Love works nations in love

Love, you’re to love

You’re to see love



Given by Papa God, August 20, 2009

Singing; a poem



Sing, and sing and sing

Sing and love and love and purpose

Love is a singing of grace

And love is your heart in grace


Release love and sing

Release and sing of love

And God is on the singing

And sing…


Given by Papa God August 20, 2009

A prophetic poem..

The Purge is now

The word, the purpose, the change

The word, the grace to do

You’re to release and love and do


A great, great change

A great shaking of change

A great shaking of change

A great connecting and shaking


A shaking, a blending, a going

Release and love and love and send

God commands change

Release: writ, writ, writ


God’s words, God’s change, God’s purpose

The word: change, grow, love, blend and do

Release comes now



Given by Papa God, August 18, 2009