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Man’s Work; a poem

The lesser, the lesser

It’s God’s love for you

God sees and loves, yes you

Yes, love is for man


And love is for nations

It’s love opening nations to God

And love increases nations to love

It’s love, it’s love, it’s love for man

And it’s love for your nation


Given by Papa God, July 23, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Internet and The Christian Opportunity

It is fascinating to realize that in this age of advanced technology, One has the opportunity to reach  nations of people without even traveling  away from his home of birth.The internet brings much promise and peril

This generation has been given awesome responsibilities even in the midst of  great uncertainty. Generations to come will read and judge  us on how well we used the tools which God has allowed to come in our day and time.


The internet has proven powerful. It has become an almost endless sea of information in word, video and audio available to nations with a click of a computer mouse.  Yet it has also given new found strength to the darker side of human nature.  Hate groups of many types have found cyberspace as a recruiting ground for naive , rejected and abandoned youngsters who have been no vision or hope for tomorrow.  they are given by these internet hate groups people to blame for the misfourtunes in life, be it blacks, jews, asians, and other ethnic groups.  Anti-semitism has been given a horrific new strength worldwide by groups using internet space to further dangerous ideas of hate.

cyberspace has also become a sewer for pornography of different types. households have been destroyed  as husbands , wives and young people are seduced  into viewing videos, pictures, chat sites which pervert the God given idea of love and sex in the confines of marriage between a husband and a wife. Youngsters have found cyberspace as a way to bully and intimidate peers that they do not like. And reputations are ruined  for many in the school yard and the classroom, some of whom turn to suicide as a result. 

At the same time, God does not want his Church, or his people to give up on cyberspace. Many Believers enjoy myspace, facebook, twitter and other social networking sites as ways to communicate with fellow christians throughout the globe. This is a beautiful and wonderful thing as new alliances and relationships can be built to help strengthen the Body of Christ.

We as Christians, more than ever must use computers and the internet as ways to  further the message of God’s God news and love to multitudes of  people. Think about it.  The facebook, the myspace, the twitter can be used as an electronic altar which by the Holy Spirit’s help can draw lost, sick , confused, and abandoned multitudes to  the foot of The Cross of Jesus Christ. As believers, we often feel that if we are not in a major position of influence such as a pulpit or a singing ministry, we are not important, but that is not truth. Through the internet, we can , through God’s grace turn the tide of profanity, hate, perversion, and incivility that poisons minds and nations every day. You may feel that your poem, your blog, your writngs of  the love of God make no difference, but they do. You never know, but what you contribute on the pages of cyberspace may very well be a word which brings repentance and salvation..