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Sharing Love; a poem



It’s time and time to be in grace

Love grows as you send it

It’s growing, sowing, going

And God sends love



Given by Papa God, June 10, 2009

2 Poetic impressions



This nation is, is great

Get in, go in, see and see

God loves nations and change

And love opens nations, you see


It’s love, it’s change, it’s yes!

Love works, love connects

It’s love shaking your heart in me

It’s love for your nation


It’s love for your heart

It’s a change; it’s a journey of grace

A door of love connects your heart

There are connections


There’s love, there’s secrets

And love is a heart for thee, for you

Learn love, love and see

And see God in you



Given by Papa God, June 3, 2009










It’s now the word

It’s now the day

It’s love, it’s visitation

It’s changing you


Light connects nations

Light connects houses

The fire connects change and love

Love is a great shaking, a heart of grace


Love is a fire of grace and change

And fires burn nations

Fires change, change and stir up

God’s shaking nations; God’s changing nations


Learn to blend, learn to sing

Learn to get in

God’s stirring the heart

God’s stirring the fire


The word, the word; fire, grace, and love

Love is a great singing

God’s nation is in grace

It’s love, it’s God; yes, yes…God


And God’s connecting the power-and you

The word, the fire; yes you burn in me

It’s connecting, it’s shaking

You are to know…yes



Given by Papa God, June 3, 2009

Nature’s change; a poem

To writ, to writ, to writ God is love

God connects; learn, learn and go

A burn, a know, a God

God turns nature

Learn change, learn seasons

And bless and love and sow

Release and grow and see

And see nature’s change

It’s way, it’s love, it’s change


Given by Papa God, May 27, 2009