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The Watchers; a poem




The watchers; yes they come to do

The watchers; they come to see

They come and see nations

They come to stay, they come to do


The watching angels come now, yes

They come to see this and this

Releasing now; I do open heaven

They come to see; they come to be


Repair, release, abide they do

Releasing; they come now, now, now

They come, oh watch, they come

They come showing themselves, yes


The way, God’s way, you see is this

They come watching, turning, and seeing

They come, yes, now



Given by Papa God, May 2, 2009

Healing Revival; a poem



The physicians come, they come

They see blessing, blessing, blessing

The rock, the rock comes to do

The word, the word is change and change


The fathers: they heal now, they heal

The way of love is to see

The way of love is to see

The blessing, the healing, the nation


The way is now blessing

Release the healings and see great change

God comes and heals now

God sees this and this


Healing, healing, healing


Release the ways of love

And heal, and love, and see



Given by Papa God, May 1, 2009

The Missing; a poem



The missing; they’re missing

God’s turn to do and do

The word to be, the word to be

God’s word: send and send


There are things; there’s change to do, to do

God’s man, God’s change, God’s releasing

You’re to be, you’re to do, you’re to be

Get into grace; get into releasing