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Shut up




It’s shut, it’s shut!

It’s a shutting up

The shutting up of this and that

Dark this?  No, they say


They say no, no; no this

God opens change, God opens shaking

It’s shaking, it’s shaking, it’s shaking

The shaking, the shaking is what you see


The shutting up, I’m doing

The shutting up, I’m stirring

It’s the shutting of this and that

You’re to sow, you’re to grow, you’re to love


Grow, grow, love, do

You’re to be abundant…see?

Love opens now for you

The way is love, the way is yes


It’s yes, it’s release, it’s secret

Love, secret, love secret

The secret you’re to have is me

God’s love show and show


You’re to sow, you’re to love, you’re to love

Sow, operate and love

Sow love and love

Yes, God’s love you’re to be


You’re to be, you’re to do, you’re to see

Love and love and see

Shut them, shut them,

Shut them in me


Love is a thing to see

Love is a release and a key

You’re to see, you’re to do

You’re to show


Love is a shutting up of this one

Love is a shutting of change

Love is a shaking

Love is a shutting of this



Given by Papa God, March 30, 2009


It’s Blessed-(Know God’s Love), a poem

IT’S BLESSED – (Know God’s Love)



Know God’s love

Know it’s grace

It’s knowing open heavens and love

Love is to abide in thee


It’s love…but love; and yes, yes

Love releases love

Love abides in your heart:  me!

It’s love, it’s you, you; it’s yes


It’s love what opens change

A stand is grace; a stand is love

Love, bless; open healing

And love blesses grace


Gather and grow and bless

Love, bless, go, stay, bless

Start, start; God’s blending

Start, start; I’m blending


God’s candle

God’s candle opens now today

Urge, urge

Grace, grace


Given by Papa God, March 24, 2009



Many “Gods”; a poem



Many gods;

There are many gods they say

God is the door; he is

He is this; he is the one


The one; he is the one

The one he is, yes

He is one, he is yes

And God’s one; he is to be


One I-AM; one you’re to see

It’s me, it’s yes, it is

Love, love; it’s changing your heart

It’s love, and love, and love


You’re to go, you’re to sow, you’re to do

You’re to go, you’re to bless, you’re to go

Sow; for it’s the one God

God’s one; he is now



Given by Papa God, March 17, 2009

A Prophetic observation

Some Prophetic Observations, March 18, 2009


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land( 2Chronicles 7:14)


God is inviting his people to participate in  a time of great  expressions of the heaven upon earth. These will be days of seeing heaven released upon the earth in an unprecedented way  and effect the worlds systems for the glory of God . God is awaiting our response to  his desire to display lavish demonstrations of his grace upon nations.  In the Lord’s prayer, one of   words which Jesus spoke was this” thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven”(Matthew 5:10). An invasion of heaven is taking place right now and God wants his children to come along with him in bringing eternal change to the nations of the world.   It is understandably easy at times to get caught up in the news of economic shakings and job loss and to feel that nothing can ever change. For many believers who have lost patience with any nation which has lost its’ moral compass , the aspect of judgment and wrath seem welcome .  However, God is looking for a people who will see what he is doing, put down the newspaper and pray for the heaven to be opened over the nations of the earth. We believe that God wants to bring healing to the economics of the United States as well as other nations; but we must intercede for the healing.  He is inviting us to not only pray for the healing of our economy, but for our government, our schools, our media and yes, the Church of Jesus Christ as well. Let us remember that God is not willing for any to perish but that all should come to repentance.



God wants to baptize the United States and other nations in his love. This love  ,when released from heaven through God’s  church will usher in a fresh reverence  for Papa God within his people as well as a fresh love for our neighbors  and the nations. Some would view these days as days of judgment upon America  as well as other nations;  To an extent this may prove to be true. Yet God wants America to fulfill its’ purpose as a blessing nation to the world. God loves the United States and is ever mindful of the seeds of blessing she has brought to the world. Contrary to what some may believe, God is not ready to give up on the United States or other nations. The Body of Christ must not continue to curse this(or any other) nation, it’s leaders or one another due to the frustration she feels over sin  There is a height  of greatness and blessing that America has not reached as yet; but as we heed the call to prayer, with fasting and  repentance we could see an even greater nation, and an even greater example to the world. Papa’s plan is for America  to be known as ‘the love nation’ which is an example to the world .  Over the last few years  An atmosphere of incivility has invaded this and other nations which can be seen  everywhere from the poisoning of the  internet , to the breakdown of the market place and schools  to disrespectful children. Even within God’s church, it has become sadly acceptable for believers to curse one another through words and soulish prayers which ask for God’s  wrath upon a fellow disciple rather than mercy and blessing. We are about to see  in the Christian World some  judgments regarding the negative words spoken against others in the Body of Christ.  . What God is looking for is a people who will intercede and crave heaven come upon earth. What ceaseless prayer can accomplish is that an atmosphere of incivility  is replaced by one of repentance and love because the people of God decide to cooperate with his grace, and ask for Heaven’s intervention. That is one of the promises of prayer and I would dare think the main one: Heaven’s  intervention into time and space.





The Great Comet and the coming days; Pt2

The Great Comet and the Coming days—Part 2


Note:  As in anything of a prophetic nature, please weigh this message out in prayer and discernment. As believers, we have the right and the responsibility to weigh all matters of prophecy and the prophetic. And I would love to have your feedback (if any) on what is being shared here. After some wrestling about whether to release this word, I believe that God gave me a peace to share some of this word with you:





And I will shew wonders in the heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath (Joel 2:19a)



The last days are to witness signs accompanying as proof of the reality of a kingdom which can not be shaken. As was described in the first entry a great comet will pierce the heavens, astounding many as to how it came and where it came from. While we do not worship signs and wonders, God will use signs and wonders to draw multitudes to himself in salvations. The king of Kings is indeed coming as we will enter into what could be final extensions of the period of grace. Here are some observations of what this could mean:



The kingdom of Heaven will impress itself more upon the kingdoms of this world’s system and signal shakings in the nations of the world. It will also signal a shift in the way church has been operating as we know it. An access to earth from Heaven will accelerate as the prayers of “thy kingdom come” will  be answered . Angelic activity will also become more and more evident in the life of Christians. The release of great angels of different rank and activity will manifest but more than that God himself will become more personally known to many. As we hear stories about moves of the Spirit of God in certain locations, God is about to show nations that he is not merely in one place, but he is indeed the God of the whole earth. Many, many, places will experience, the person of God. Christians will begin to apprehend the truth of Christ Jesus Being in them the hope of glory. God will not be just, “here”. He will also be “there, there, there, there, and there”. We are at the beginning stages of the “rocket church” where God will lift his bride from dormancy into accelerated kingdom activity and exploits. The news of this present healing revival is but a foretaste of even greater healings and demonstrations of God. There will be an emphasis on even “the least” in the kingdom of God operating in supernatural enablement. Indeed, God is at the present time stirring the souls of his children to arise out of sleep and become active participants in the kingdom. 




A new renaissance to take place



Breakthroughs in science which were unthinkable years ago will take place with new medicines and even new metals being discovered. Keys to living longer lives will be discovered. The roach, which has been disdained for obvious reasons by men, will be used to unlock a secret which will bless nations. The kingdom of the arts will experience a new wave of expression which will challenge the profanity which has attacked nations. A new generation of Masters in the arts will emerge. When a person or a nation grabs hold of the truths of justification by faith, the wisdom of God is made available.  Jesus Christ is indeed given to us, wisdom(1Corinthians 1:30a). It was true in the aftermath of the first protestant reformation, and it will indeed be true during this time. God wants to overshadow many with a spirit of ingenuity, which will break out into blessing nations












The Great Comet and the Coming Days, Pt 1

The Great Comet and the coming Days: Part One


Note:  As in anything of a prophetic nature, please weigh this message out in prayer and discernment. As believers, we have the right and the responsibility to weigh all matters of prophecy and the prophetic. And I would love to have your feedback (if any) on what is being shared here. After some wrestling about whether to release this word, I believe that God gave me a peace to share some of this word with you:



God is about to show signs in the heavens in unusual ways. We see examples of this in the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus when the great star was revealed and was acknowledged by the Magi (Matthew 2:1). These men followed this star all the way from the east into a manger in Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born (Matthew 2:9-11). The book of Joel declared that there would be signs in the sky to herald the great and mighty day Lord (Joel 2:28-30).



A great comet is about to be revealed to the world which will surprise even those in the science world. At its appearance many will ask the familiar questions of why and how this comet appeared and seemingly out of nowhere. This great sign from space will begin to to be seen by telescopes from a distance as far as the planet Saturn.  But its appearance will be used as a sign as the beginning of a sequence of several things in the purposes of God:


Fresh Grace, Fresh Reformation


In the beginnings of the Protestant Reformation, the German Monk Martin Luther was given by God a fresh revelation of salvation in God’s grace. Luther’s obedience to following the simple truth of scripture changed the church and the western world as well. There will arise during this time fresh insight by God to his people about Grace in all of its aspects. This will lead to an unprecedented shaking and the beginning of the end of the man-made order of leadership and church building as we presently know. The end of an old order in Christendom is at hand as we will witness the home-goings of great leaders.



The emergence of a new and very pivotal generation will begin. It has always been a habit of those of us in ministry leadership to label any generation as “that generation” which would usher the return of the Lord Jesus. While we want to avoid that temptation, there is a sense that this generation of youth walks to a different cadence than predicted by secular media. We could very well witness a generation which will truly embrace the Gospel of God’s grace and change history in such a way that would exceed beyond the deeds of the “Great generation” which went through economic hardship and the Second World War to give the world a rich legacy in many areas.


“Daddy is  Home!”


Fathers and children will experience miraculous waves of healing, forgiveness and reconciliation.  Absentee fathers will be awakened by God to the aspects of child support.  Elderly Men will not be able to see death until they call their estranged children from afar to ask forgiveness and proclaim blessing over them. Malachi chapter four declares that before the great day of the Lord, the spirit of Elijah would usher reconciliation between fathers and their children (Malachi 4:5-6). God is also going to in this time change the perception that many of his own children have of him. Believers will apprehend during this time that the church is Daddy’s house, a place of great love, joy, and sharing.




A great visitation of God’s grace upon the Native American population


Lavish displays of God’s grace upon these great first nation peoples, (some Native American tribes will see this comet as a sign). God’s love for the first peoples is great. Salvations and deliverances among the great first nation tribes will be unprecedented. Indigenous people groups throughout the world will also give their lives to God in huge numbers.



Members of people groups worldwide who have been deemed the last and the least by society will begin to experience promotions to some of the highest positions of authority on planet earth.  This moment in history is witnessing the breaking of many barriers against those deemed to be on the low rung of society



It’s Love; a prophetic poem




It’s love; God’s love

God’s love; worship and do

It’s love: healing, knowing, being

Love for these, love for these


It’s love, open yourself

Love; doors open

Love turns your heart

Love turns your heart


It’s word, it’s love, it’s love

Love change, love secret

It’s love; forget and soak yourself

Love; open yourself and love


And love is a love of a nation

Love is a shaking of shakings

Love is a turning of a nation

It’s time for you to do


It’s love, it’s yes; you’re to be

It’s love, God’s love; shake it

What shows, what knows, is yes

It’s love, it’s love, it’s love!


Given by Papa God, March 16, 2009

Starring; a poem




It’s time; it’s time

God’s love; change, change

Great change, change and love

It’s time, it’s time; get in


You are to turn; you are to be

Operate, operate bold, bold

A stand, a stand, it’s time to turn

Love grows as you pray


Door, door; now love

Door, door; now bless

Love great, great



Given by Papa God, March 13, 2009


Love Action; a poem



Great love, great love

Heal, heal, bless

It’s love, grace, grace

Love, grace, yes!


Love gathers, gathers

God’s love opens and heals

Love opens love

It’s love, it’s love, yes!


God loves God-nation

God’s love is opening yet

Yes, God loves you, yes

God’s love blesses you


God’s love?  Yes, yes, yes!

God’s love gathers, it’s gathering

God’s love; yes, go, go, yes!

It’s love; go, love; it’s love!


Given by Papa God, March 10, 2009

To the daughters of grace; a poem



Eat, eat, in me!

It’s a great feast now

Open and be and love


It’s time for you to know

It’s time for you to see

God’s love; God’s love is in you


And God’s love is here and yes!

God’s love is for you and you!

It’s you and you and you!



Given by Papa God, March 3, 2009