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Archive for February 17, 2009

These are the days of grace; a poem



These are days of grace

These are days of love

And these are days of blessing

Sacred grace, sacred love


Open heavens, open love

Open love, open mantles

Stirring love, love blessing

Sending graces, mighty love


They say it’s a wreck

I love this city, I love your city

They say a great catastrophe

They say curse and curse


Yet, I love your nation

Yet, I love your church

Stay open in grace

Stay open in me; stay open in love



Given by Papa God June, 2008


The Deed; a poem



The deed is now

The deed is love

The deed is grace

And the deed is abundance


Oh the deed is for you

And the deed is for yes!

And the deed is open heaven

And the deed is sharing


The deed is abundance

The deed is love

The deed is sharing

Oh the deed; open the deed!


Given by Papa God June, 2008

The Breaker; a poem




A state, a state, a state

The breaker, the breaker opens

The breaker is stirring

There’s an adding; there’s an adding


There’s a breaking in my house

There’s a breaking in the house

It’s a shinning; oh what it does!

It’s a shinning; oh it comes!


The doors, the doors, the doors

The burn, the burn, the burn

The breaking is here

Motor, motor; supper, supper is now


Sup in grace, sup in love

The blessing is abundant

And it’s turning your house

A state.  A state God is in


It’s in a state of abundance

Run, run, run.  It’s now opening today

Living, living; you’re going to be

Living, living; you’re going to see



Given by Papa God August 1,2008

Nation, Nation; a prophetic poem



It’s nation, it’s now

Get in and do

Love come and be

Love is a time for a nation


Hid nations, hid change

For God’s love opens a nation

Release and love and love

Daddy loves a nation


God’s love; nation and change

For God’s nations open now

Love and bless and send

For release, for love, for God


It’s now, it’s thee, it’s change

Release them and love them

Love, God’s love, God’s love

Love opens nations; yes, God’s love


For God loves a nation

Releasing; open doors

Releasing, open house

Oh love, love, ha-ha!


It’s love for God’s nation

Love, increase and love

Love opens nations to change

The Ghost opens nations


A standard of power, open heaven

Stay open; stay, Heaven

Heaven hopes, Heaven loves

Stay open; hope, hope!


It’s love on your nation

Stay, love, stay, love, stay, love

Release, go; change these

God’s love changing a nation


It’s time; open heaven

It’s time; open love

Stay, and stay; open heaven


Given by Papa God, February 16, 2009